Scream Me a Lullaby

"It would seem that sometimes, we have to fall before we fly..." I smirked through my pouted lips.
"No need to bring Sleeping With Sirens into this." He was so corny, but I couldn't help but love how we live off of lyrics.

Well, being in a band, I guess we quite literally live off of our lyrics.

I clambered onto his back as he took the guitar from his neck. He caught my legs and I held on tight, nestling my face into his messy hair.
"Another night in the bus?"
"Yep. Let me scream you a lullaby sweetheart."


4. ~Favours

"What's even the point?" I sighed taking a seat at the back of the bus. Tonight was going to be tough. 

"I don't know Jace, I really don't know." Jace took a seat next to me and strummed absently at the strings of his guitar. He began tuning it, not paying much attention to the notes he was playing. I sought the comfort of my best friend and slowly leaned onto his shoulder, but he simply shrugged me off. "What's with you?"

"Fuck off Capri." Oh, so that's how it is? Since Jace had rescued me from that hell hole I had been submitted to, known as school, he had become tense and angry with me for anything. It made playing our gigs awkward. We used to be able to put on a fun show and everyone would love our sets, but seen as we were holding up a cold shoulder with each other as of recent, the fans had begun to dwindle. And so had our sales. 

"Just chill Jace, not like I'm going to leave." He knocked the guitar away, giving it a dismissive kick, causing an screech like minor chord to ring throughout the bus. 

"What are we going to do? Our sales have hit rock bottom Cap, we're not making any money. Do you get that? Or is it too much for your small mind to comprehend?" He came to his feet and ran a hand through his hair. Jace's anger periods had become common lately, and honestly I don't blame him. Our band was in the dumps. Whatever money we made was taken partly by the band we were supporting and spent on keeping us on the road. I'd pulled out of education once again, even though we had no tour to join. Jace wanted to be a centre stage, mainstream band that had the adoring fans. Unfortunately, we weren't anywhere near that sort of status in the music industry lately, what with only one meagre album on iTunes. Of course, this is all my fault, being the lead singer. 

Jake, our drummer, kept quiet as usual. Twirling his most favoured pair of drumsticks over his thin fingers. He merely watched us argue as usual. Mikey, bassist, was sober for once. He placed a firm hand on Jace's shoulder, the inked fingers digging slightly into his skin. 

"C'mon Jace, let's go and get a drink-"

"With what money Mikey?" Jace brushed the hand from his shoulder and stormed forward, opening the door to the bus and exiting into the chilly night, slamming the door behind him. Mikey sighed and headed for the kitchen, returning promptly with a beer bottle between his fingers. 

"What we gonna do Capri?" He asked nonchalantly as he snapped the cap from the bottle and dumped the top on the table. I reached over, mimicking Mikey's sigh and spun the sharp edged top in my hands. "Can't you call in any favours? I'm sure at least one band member owes you shit. You've done loads for all of them at Warped last year!" I hunched my shoulders up and let them fall, hoping to relieve some of the pressure I was put under.

"I doubt it..." I mulled over the thought absently, the bottle cap twirling slowly over the tips of my fingers. Who owes me what? Well... There's Oliver with the phone call, but I doubt that's enough to allow our pitiful band to join Bring Me's tour. Kellin Quinn owes me shit loads, but I'm pretty sure Sleeping with Sirens are on their UK tour. Pierce The Veil are busy with All Time Low, and that was surely my only debt worth a gig. I bit down at my lip and continued to twirl the bottle cap. Mikey dropped his stare, concluding that I couldn't help him and Jake let out a deep sigh, hanging his head. 

Surely there's someone else... 

I slammed the cap down and stood up with a smirk over my bitten lips. It was so simple. The bastard owed me more than his life was worth and so did the band he belonged to. 

"Ben Bruce, Asking Alexandria." I stated with pride, Mikey's face lightened up cheekily as he threw me the iPhone on the table. 

"Get the dick rung." He sat opposite me as I fumbled through my many contacts and found the one I needed, clicking dial with a shaking thumb. This was our last chance.







I awoke with a start as an overly cheery Mikey opened the curtain hiding away my bunk from the others. His torso was bare, showing all his tatts and his smile was the widest I'd ever seen him have. I rubbed at my face as he left my bunk to awake the other members. Saving Insanity were back in business. I swung my legs over the side and fell gently to the floor, my bare feet feeling the cold chill of the carpeted flooring that ran throughout the whole bus. I forgot about the over sized shirt of my own band covering my bed shorts and skipped into the kitchen to find a completely sober Mikey frying up some bacon, singing absently the lyrics to one of our most recent singles. He tapped the bass lines with his fingers, almost as if the counter were the neck of his beloved bass. Jake slid past me to drum out the drummer's solo on the counter beside him, the two both smiling with each other and singing at the top of their lungs. The croak of their morning voices left my lyrics sounding off key and cringe worthy, but I just laughed. Those two had not had a moment of complete happiness for months, they must be insanely excited to finally have a gig on their hands, and who could blame them? Once you've been in the spotlight, the withdrawal sets in and you can't live without that rush. 

I collapsed over the seats at the single table in the back, my head falling into Jace's lap. He sat with one leg lazily crossing the other, his arms folded as he kept all warmth within our own brand jacket. I smiled happily up at him from his lap but he just ignored me. 

"Of all the bands you could choose to tour with, you picked Asking." I sat up and punched his shoulder.

"Oh shut it Jace! I got us a whole tour's worth of gigs! In the states, and in the UK!" I stared him in the eyes, my smile faltering slowly as he only huffed and bit the inside of his cheek, probably holding back some cuss for me. This was not the Jace I knew. 

Mikey was still singing as he brought the pan filled with steaming bacon over to the table, closely followed by Jake and the plates. He shimmied his hips slightly, placing each of us some bacon and beans onto our plates before twirling the pan and pulling a face as he tried, and failed, to hit the high note in the song. I laughed out loud and joined him in the note, putting him to shame. 

"You know how I hate them and yet still." Jace intruded our happiness, causing silence to set in over us again. 

"Come off it mate, just because you have shit with a few of em' doesn't mean we can't tour together. This'll set us losers up for a year or so!" Mikey slumped into the booth with us as he finished his happiness speech. 

"I hate them." Jace grumbled and I sighed dramatically. 

"Correction, you hate one, of them." Jake spoke up with sarcasm laced in his tone. I bit down on my lips as I tried to contain my laughter. Mikey snickered as he slurped at his coffee. Jace's eyes narrowed over us all. 

"They're all dicks. I told you last time, I don't want to be within 10 fucking miles of them." 

"Fuck off Jace, they got us a tour, I'd call it even." I fired at him with a half crooked smile full of sarcasm. "Plus, they were so drunk, I doubt they'll remember your face."

"Ugly face." Mikey added through a full mouth. Jace's lips twitched slightly at his friend's comment. His arm fell over my waist slightly and I felt the dead weight inside me lift a little as Jace seemed to return to normal. 

"Says you, ugly prick." Jace retorted and Mikey just sipped his coffee, forcibly sticking his pinkie finger out.

"Don't insult a man with class." Mikey returned acting as though he was above all of us in this hole. A small smile fell over my features and a loose laugh escaped Jace. He looked down at me and his arm tightened a little, pulling me in closer to his chest. I welcomed this gesture eagerly and fell into him. 

"So which arsehole did you pull a favour from Cap?" He reused my nickname and smiled down to me. Mikey fell silent and bowed his head over his food, Jake used this opportunity to head back into the kitchen, aware the lead guitarist was going to react. 


"Erm..." I checked the bare lock screen of my phone and ran my finger tip along the edge of one of the cracks in the glass. "Ben..?" I slowly hunched in his grasp as I braced for his reaction. I felt his hand fall away from my waist and slam on the table, just as Mikey lifted his plate onto his lap.

"Fucking dick, fucking arsehole, fuck, fuck, fuck.." Jace continued to mumble curses about the other lead guitarist and I only rubbed at my bare face. Jace rose up from his seat and once again, stormed through the bus to head outside. I guessed he was off for a cig, but who knows. 

"Guess he's still in the pissy mood..." Mikey spoke over to me as I leaned back into the comfort of the booth and continued to sigh. I pulled an obvious face and ran a hand through my wild hair. "I'll fetch the driver so we can set off for the meet up point, you might want to grab moody arse." I nodded in return and came to my feet, wrapping my arms around myself feeling the cold in Jace's absence.

As I headed to leave the bus, I shrugged to Jake and stole Jace's other jacket from his bunk. I wrapped the material over my cold body and hid my hands in it's long sleeves. Jace had never found friendship with the band Asking Alexandria. He said it was simply down to the fact that the band consisted of good for nothing dicks that were out for nothing but what aided them personally. 

And to some degree, I could agree. 

But Jace's hatred runs deep and he simply cannot let a grudge go. He has always had issues with the guys, mostly after the party we joined a year of so ago. Everyone was extremely drunk and some probably high. 

That was a good year for my band. 

I sighed happily as I remembered older times, before clasping the ice cold latch on the door and heading outside into the even colder air. It's nip covering my body in goosebumps and chilling me through. I shivered as my lip quivered and found Jace leant against the edge of the bus with a half smoked self rolled cigarette between his fingers. He didn't even turn to look up at me as his hair shaded all of his hung face. I shuffled along, regretting the stupid choice to not wear shoes outside. What idiot forgets their shoes? Me apparently.

"Hey." I murmured as I joined the man at the edge of the tour bus. Our home mostly. I placed a hand on his shoulder and he took another puff from the killer he had in his hands. The smoke escaped all around us, but I was used to the odour and taste by now, so I allowed myself to be engulfed in his little retreat. 

"Yeah." He replied through a sigh as more smoke exited from his chapped lips. 

"Smoking again?" I smiled weakly as he turned to me, the end flaring with light as he took another huff from the cig. He nodded and blew out the smoke into the my face. I cringed slightly as I was masked in toxins, but ignored it as best I could. His face appeared from the cloud of grey and he was smirking to himself. 

"Yeah." Rolling my eyes at his lack of conversation, I leaned against his shoulder and gripped to his arm with my cold fingers. He shivered slightly and looked down at me as I clung tighter. He threw his hand into his pocket and dropped the finished cig, stomping out the life within it's papered form and kicked his foot up against the tire of the bus.

"We're heading out now..." I whispered to the cold morning and I felt him nod beside me.

"Yeah.. Yeah.." He replied to me and stepped away from me, leaving my shivering frame alone in the cold. With a sad sigh, I took one last look at the lot we had taken shelter in and began trudging towards the bus, already formulating conversation.

It's been a long time since I'd hung out with our main act.

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