Scream Me a Lullaby

"It would seem that sometimes, we have to fall before we fly..." I smirked through my pouted lips.
"No need to bring Sleeping With Sirens into this." He was so corny, but I couldn't help but love how we live off of lyrics.

Well, being in a band, I guess we quite literally live off of our lyrics.

I clambered onto his back as he took the guitar from his neck. He caught my legs and I held on tight, nestling my face into his messy hair.
"Another night in the bus?"
"Yep. Let me scream you a lullaby sweetheart."


3. ~Escaping Insanity

I rolled into math a little late, and felt my body beginning to burn up as many pairs of eyes landed on me. I kept my hopes up high and my head down low as I took the last free seat at the back. I dumped my backpack down by my ankles as it slipped from my shoulders. I sighed and reached back down to the bottomless pit I called my bag, to search within it's depths for a pen. The teacher drowned on about x and y as he placed a small red book before me. My maths book. I might go burn it after school. I dared to sneak a glance over at my table partner and regretted it almost immediately. The sluttiest blonde bitch I'd ever seen sat twirling her bleach blonde locks and popping gum. I felt my mouth drop unattractively and stared forward. Kill me now.



Math had been bearable... Who am I kidding? It was hell. I sat, the urge to knock out blondie beside me growing more prominent with every passing second that dragged on. I had resulted to doodling an eye in the back of my little red book after feeling that I didn't want to help y find the value of x. I thanked whoever may be listening when the bell rang through the school and I was released from the torture chamber. I bust out and felt the cool relief of the outside hit me and the breeze filter over my silk top and snake through my legs. I smiled slightly and adjusted the strap of my backpack. I felt myself walking in beat of the most recent song circling my brain. I probably looked as stupid as fuck, but I felt great. Another day rehearsing covers and compilations, another gig. Tonight awaits me. 

I walked through most of the school and soon found a small set of comfy looking chairs. I clambered onto the spongey blue material, crossing my legs into a knot and slipped in the ear phones, hidden well in my hair. I was really tomboy wasn't I? A well. 

"Hey you, yeah, emo kid." I looked up under my hair with a dead expression at the pretty brunette supposedly addressing me. 

"Moi?" I shot back, loosing eye contact with her simple brown eyes layered with false lashes, to check my phone. I pressed the home button and found a message when the screen it up. In front of a picture of me and Kellin from last year's Warped Tour was a message from Jace, labelled as 'Dickhead' in my phone. The brunette was stammering some shit I didn't care about with her groupies as I tuned out and read the message.

"Don't talk to HIM. I will find a way in, meet me at the gates again at dinner." 

I smiled at the message and received a very high pitched gasp from the brunette stood before me. 

"You find that funny do you?" My face dropped, a massive question mark plastered over my face. "You think it's funny to flirt with my boyfriend?!" My eyes widened and I slipped my phone into my hoodie as a teacher paced through the hall.

"Boyfriend? What are you on about?" Oh yeah, I hadn't been listening. Lol

"Kane is my boyfriend bitch!" I just smiled sarcastically. She looked down and twitched slightly with her curly brown locks. "Well, sort of..." I rose to my feet and slung the backpack onto my shoulders. I stood before her with my arms open wide.

"Look at all the fucks I give." Her mouth dropped open into a perfect 'o' and her lipstick smudged at the edges slightly. "I haven't done anything with your 'boyfriend'" I quoted the word "he spoke with me, nothing okay? Don't get your thong in a twist." The brunette's eyes widened and the glue holding the lashes down seemed to give way a little. She sent her palm to her ass and her brows furrowed. 

"How did you.." Oh. She really was wearing a thong. Score one to Capri, zero to the whore! I rolled my eyes and pushed past the plastic group.

"Lucky guess."



I stood in line at the cafeteria and jiggled the change that was piled up in my palm. I felt my palm becoming sweaty from holding the brassy coins for so long. I'm going to end up with that awful smell all over my fingers. It was times like these in these British schools, that I wished we stayed in the States more often. School's there, most of which I'd attended over the disjointed years of my education, allowed non-uniform. Best. Idea. Ever. 

I sighed at the prospect of not having pockets in my uniform and grabbed a small sandwich, of which I could only just afford and headed towards the cashier area. I soon changed my mind when a small, iced bun crossed my path. I dumped the boring little sandwich and swapped it for the cute little muffin. I licked my dry lips and eyed up the water. But I think I could find other ways to get a drink. I stepped up to the bored looking cashier and passed her the change that was slightly clammy in my palm. I was 1p short. Well fuck you JaceJace being the funding for my meals this morning. The cashier raised a thin pencilled eyebrow and motioned for me to move on. I smiled and threw her a thumbs up before half running, half speed walking my way out of the cafeteria. During which I had to avoid the array of messily left untucked chairs and inconveniently placed tables. Being such a klutz doesn't help these situations. Indeed, it didn't help that I could look no where but the ground and the to the sky as every pair of eyes was looking at me. Judging me, scrutinizing me. 

So glad I took the decision not to die my hair electric blue.

I slipped in the ear phones whilst haggling with my phone and my new found baby, Mr Cake. I dragged my finger over the swirled iced top and took a taste. Mhm, that's some good shit right there. I smiled and double tapped, allowing Vic Fuentes and the sexicans to fill my ears with music. 

 Rushing around with my head down low, I kept my hopes high as I neared the gates. The smile over my face soon faded when Jace was no wear to be seen. I tugged the open sides of my unzipped hoodie closer and folded my arms, the skies were still bleak and dreary. Come on Jace, take me home.


I had taken a seat on the ground and was anxiously checking the time on my phone with every minute that went by. Was I being stood up? By my lead guitarist? By my best friend? I sighed and buried my head in my arms, allowing my hair to mess up in the wind. I wanted to cry. As sad and lowly that sounds, I really was wasted, and my hard outer shell was cracking.
And it was only midday.

It was then when I heard the familiar rattled of wheels on the tarmac. My head snapped up, lips parted in anticipation and sure enough, there he was. Rolling down on the skateboard, no hoodie over his pale, thin, inked body, but a beanie on his head. I smiled and ran up to the gate. 

"Jace! You came!" I pushed my hands through the bars and Jace grabbed them as he kicked up his board. 

"I said I would sweetie."  A small smile split over his lips. "C'mon, we don't have long to get you out of this hell hole." My smile widened, my eyes narrowing from the size of it. Jace lugged a massive backpack similar to mine, with the iconic Van's logo on the back. 

I stepped back and found a slight raise in ground near the edge of the bush. I checked for anyone watching and jumped up, my tiny frame only just letting my finger tips reach the top of the gate. Jace placed the bulky bag under the skateboard and balanced his feet on top, teetering over the reach me. His whole torso fit over the gate. Man, he was tall. He began laughing at my height and I hit his arm playfully. 

"C'mon short stuff." He wrapped his arms around the upper part of my waist and hoisted me over the gate so far. I caught my pocket on the gate spikes and had to cautiously sever myself from the capturer

"Hey! What's the emo doing?!" My head snapped back to catch the eyes of the whore from earlier. 

"Shit." I grumbled, she began causing a raucous and the nearby fandoms of the whore's united began to watch my ass try and escape the gate. "Quick!" I exclaimed, slightly out of breath as Jace tried to haul me over the gate. We both fell too far and I ended up hitting Jace's chest as he hit the floor.

"Ouch." He grumbled, adjusting his beanie. As I fumbled in his arms, I realized how he still had hold of my waist. His beautifully tattooed arm tightly holding my waist. My cold hands on his shivering body. 

"You can let go now Jace." I said softly and Jace immediately dropped me. I brushed myself off and looked back at the forming crowd. 

"Hey!" My head twisted this time to the tall Jace. "That's my jacket bitch." He smiled down gently at me and pulled the hood over my head before bending down to take the backpack. Jace had to awkwardly try and pull his skin tight black skinny jeans up as his cute Mario boxers showed. I began giggling to myself as Jace had to bend down again, aware both us fatties couldn't fit on the board. After repeating the process, Jace took my hand and began running down the street. 

Oh you rebel. I like you.


We ran down the road hand in hand, so when you see my 'friends' tell them hi for me.





A/N: I just love leaving lyric and band references in this story:') <3

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