Scream Me a Lullaby

"It would seem that sometimes, we have to fall before we fly..." I smirked through my pouted lips.
"No need to bring Sleeping With Sirens into this." He was so corny, but I couldn't help but love how we live off of lyrics.

Well, being in a band, I guess we quite literally live off of our lyrics.

I clambered onto his back as he took the guitar from his neck. He caught my legs and I held on tight, nestling my face into his messy hair.
"Another night in the bus?"
"Yep. Let me scream you a lullaby sweetheart."


1. ~Another Night

"Are you kidding me? Another gig tomorrow?" I threw my head back and hit the pillow. I can't keep up like this. 

"Yeah, its still here though, so we should be fine." 

"It's not 'fine' Jace." I spat at him as he hid away his guitar for the night.

"You have school, ha, what-" Mikey dropped to the floor, high as usual. Jace sighed and picked up the  lazy body. 

"Oh look, he had another tattoo." I pointed to his completely inked sleeve. "Not bad for a high guy." I winked at Jace as he dumped the body of the bass player in his bed. He moaned and clung to the neck of a beer bottle that hung clumsily between his fingers. I rolled my eyes and sighed deeply. "Schooling. Really?" I looked over at a smiling, sweaty Jace who seemed far too tired to even make eye contact with me. 

"Deal, I have a record signing for us tomorrow. I swear, if any more 'Jace Chasers' turn up I'll give up on signing their shit completely."

"Shut up idiot. You can't say that." 

"I guess." Jace rubbed his face and wiped at his matted hair. "Budge up, I need sleep."

"You're not the only one who's tired." I said as Danny stumbled onto the tour bus. "Morning." I nodded at him, as he made a weak smile and collapsed onto his own bed. Rough gig tonight. 

"Just sleep Capri, you twat." I smiled as Jace hid under the duvet of the small bus bed. 

"I'm sorry, I'm so hyped after that stage dive." I winked at his sleepy face. He groaned. 

"Don't remind me." He laughed slightly and hid his head. 

"Just because you had to come get me afterwards-" 

"Yeah, after you dived right off the front and into the pit. Well done smartass." Jace grumbled at me, not allowing me to finish. "Now, sleep." I shook my head and wiggled under the cover. My head hurts, my body's soar, I can barely breathe over the dryness of my throat, but the enthrallment of the night, just makes me so excited to do it all again. Roll on tomorrow. Roll on school... If I can wake up.

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