earth is dead

when Russia and the usa launch nuclear bombs on each other the world pretty much dies, i didn't blow up, it didn't disintegrate, but everything and everyone on earth except Alyssa natsaldie and her brother Michael natsaldie, they have to find food and weapons incase some of the people of the animals changing through radiation


4. dead

after i see Michael on the bed with his throat slit open and scream i try to run to him, but kyle holds me back, he carries me out of the room, up into the elevator, and to his room, i cy into his shoulder

"is he going to be ok" i ask

"i don't know, i don't want to lie to you and promise you he will be, i don't like doing that" he says stroking my hair

"thanks, i don't either" i say back, he smiles at me and a slightly older boy with brown hair walks in and looks at me

"tyler, this is savannah, she was the girl in that weird building, her brother was there too, and he is with dad" kyle says, Tyler's brown eyes searching me

"ok, where is she going to stay" he asks

"im going to check out next door later when dad finishes with Michael" i bury my face in my hands, remembering Michael, who could have done that to him, there was an awful black figure behind him, but i didn't see it to good because kyle took me out

"are you serious, i was just out there and the thing was torn to pieces" he says

"yeah, i was there, i need to go back for some things" i say

"that is out of the question, that place is crawling with creatures, im lucky to get out with minor injuries" tyler says, almost yells

"im going back, whether either of you like it or not" i say and walk past tyler out the door, he runs after me

"no you aren't" kyle says, i run as fast as i can, i hit the stairs and run down them, skipping three steps at a time, i run to the cart and get it going, im speeding away when kyle and tyler come out, they get in another one and follow me

"wait" tyler yells when i get out of the cart, they catch me and hold me back when im about to go inside

"what the hell do you think you are doing" tyler says gripping my shoulders in front of me, something falls out of the sky, right at him, i push him out of the way and it hits me in the side, i fall in pain, it was a spine, like one of those ones on a porcupine, but its a lot bigger, kyle pulls me to my feet

"we need to get you back" he says starting to pull me

"no" i say and push the thing through the other side of my side, since it was half way through it would just make things easier

"what did you do" tyler says getting to his feet

"i saved your ass, got a problem with that, it would have stabbed you in the heart" i say

"why save me, we are trying to save you" he says, his voice caring

"well i don't need your help, i killed a snake today, i saved your life by taking a barb to my side, im tough enough to take care of myself" i yell and walk inside the home, i walk to my old room where my clothes are, i shove most of them into a back pack and duffle bag along with a sketch pad, books, and pens, since i don't have any pencils, when i walk out tyler is waiting for me in a cart, kyle had taken the other one back

"come on before we get ambushed" he says, looking around worriedly, i get in the seat next to him and he drives away, he stops half way there and looks at my side

"what" i say

"here" he takes off his light jacket and wraps it around my side and ties it tight to hold the blood

"thanks" i say, i take a water bottle out of my bag and drink half of it

"want the rest" i offer it to tyler, he takes it and chugs it watching the road out of the corner of his eye, i notice a fresh cut on his neck that wasn't there when we left

"what happened" i touch it, he flinches and stops the cart again

"oww, um, it was a jant" he says, i look at him confused

"whats that" i ask

"its a small bug, kind of like a mosquito, that cuts you and drinks the blood, apparently it was a large one, but im fine" he says

"you sure" i ask to make sure, he sighs and holds a spot on his arm right above his left shoulder, i cant see it, so i lean forward to see three slash marks on his lower neck

"oh my gosh" i say and move his hand to get a better look

"im fine" he says, but its flowing blood

"no your not" i grab a rag out of my bag and put it on it, he flinches and puts his hand over mine, the ground starts to shake, he puts the cart in park and pulls me out and runs over to a small deep cave in a large rock, he holds me like kyle did when this happened, but tighter and closer to him, his hand on my neck, other on my side, legs a bit around me

"stay quiet" he whispers in my ear, like something big is out there, my heart starts pounding i try to calm down, tyler notices my increased heart beat and rapid breathing, he turns me, my left shoulder is under his right shoulder, my head is on his chest, my legs are up close to me, my arms around him, i calm down a little, with his arms securely around me

when the shaking stops tyler gets up and walks to the end of the cave, looks out cautiously, i get up, he motions for me to stay and walks out, looking around, gun in hand, looking over the rock, he motions for me to come out, i keep my arms around myself and walk out

"get in the cart" he says quietly, i get in the passenger seat, he gets in and starts it up, he speeds away, nothing follows us, but he keeps looking back just to make sure, he holds my hand, its strong on mine, we pull up to the hotel and he rushes me inside

"it happened again while we were heading back, the ants came, but i didn't see any when i went out" tyler says to kyle when we reach their room

"really, how long did it last" kyle stands up

"about five minutes" he says

"wow, it was worse when i first met her, it went on for like ten of fifteen" kyle says and i remember being in his arms

"wow, i could feel it here right outside of the mountain" tyler says

"wow, how many do you think there were" kyle asks

"maybe a thousand, maybe more" he says, we sit on the bed and drink more water, each room on this floor has a mini fried in it, so i take the room next door, it has a big bed, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a television hat works, it just plays music, but i don't mind, i like music, i listen to stuff like justin bieber, austin mahones, macklemore, and other stuff, i fall asleep in there with a stuffed animal my brother got me three years ago, i mean before we woke up three years ago

"savannah" i here tylers voice in my room, i open my eyes to see him by my bed, looking down at me

"what" i sit p and rub my eyes

"you wanna come eat with me and kyle in our room, he wanted me to ask" he says

"sure" i say and get up still rubbing my eyes, i follow tyler into their room and lye on the floor

"why are you lying on the floor like that" kyle asks im lying like a starfish

"im a starfish stupid" i say, they laugh

"why are you a starfish" kyle asks

"im tired, im thinking, i do this a lot" i say and sit up and cross my legs, tyler sits down next to me, kinda across from me, after dinner i walk with tyler down to the hospital part of the hotel and don't see Michael anywhere

"where is he" i say, looking at their dad

"he is dead, i sorry" tyler comforts me the entire way up to my room, i cry myself to sleep

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