Together, Forever (A Niall Horan fan fiction)

Lucy Fristem, a normal girl, in the normal 21st century, with nothing but life ahead of her, and lives freely with her mom, and her little sister, Jasmine, she was a young girl playful, fun and enjoyable to meet.
This all changes one horrible night when her mother dies in a accident, and when the social workers are only putting Jasmine in a foster home, Not her... Lucy.
She goes on the streets, until one boy with blonde ruffled up hair and lovely sparkling blue eyes, see's her, abandoned upset, alone, and is determined to get her to be his, but there is just two SMALL problems...

Lucy's, ex-best friend Cara, is determined to get Niall and her together and she has the power to force him to be her's by the amount of money she has...
One more thing...

He's a vampire.

(Hey I am crap at writing blurbs, but please read!)


1. Chapter 1: The police

Lucy's P.O.V.

For god sake, when is mum coming home, I need to get to this blinking party in 10 mins, I mean, I like finished year 11, 1 hours ago, and this party is like one of the biggest this year! and I like can't miss is, like no matter what so I ne-

My thoughts were interrupted by my little sis,Jazzy 

"Sis, when is mommy coming home?..."

 ''erm.. soon" I said still wondering where she actually was

"ok I was wondering whether I could make a chocolate sandwich to take my mind of things.." she said with a cute puppy face,

" Why d'ya you need to take you-"

again, I was interrupted but by my phone, it started sing "One way or another" I quickly rummaged through my bag until I found my phone I quickly clicked answer and in through my ear heard a very drunk best friend, Cara,

''Yo, you where are you, it's wicked dowwwn 'ere" Cara slurred,

"Hi er,"

I was in the middle of shooing jaz out of my room, until I heard jas murmur, "1d weirdo lover"

, I gave her a sarcastic smile, then I immediately kicked shut the door, and carried on talking,

"Hi erm, as soon as my mom comes home!" I said,

"OOOH orka, by the way, apparently there's been a crash thingy in the a A40 thingy, that mit be why yar momy is sto lat!" She slurred and was bearly in hearable,

" Oh, alright thanks for the info, I'll-" Suddenly I was hanged up on,

"Huh, how rude!" I said in a posh accent.

Suddenly the door bell rang, thnak god, my moms here I was almost dead, I ran down the stairs and swang the door open, whilst saying,

"Finnaly mom, where were you I almost died if you were any later and-"

I stopped mid sentence, a policeman stood in front of me.

'' Hello, 'mam, Lucy Fristem, am I correct?" The Policeman said,

''y-y-yes?"I murmed a tad scared,

" Right.. well, only one way to put this to ya, as there 'ave been a crash on the A40, your 'other was involved, she was put in a coma, and taken to 'ospital, and whilst me drivin' up 'ere, I got a message, say'in,

'Sazana Grace Olvia Fristem, died, in the date 6/21/13 by servere injuries'

I'm sorry I mi self 'ad to give this news to ya, but mi self needed to let ya self know. Ah yes one more thing, d'ya 'ave a little sis?'

I nodded slowly, tears streaming down my face.. I could acctualy speak,

"Right, well as she's mother is the same ya's I would advise ya to tell 'er as soon as possible, one more thing, tomorrow you are moving to a foster home.. ok?"

I couldn't hold it anymore, I suddenly burst into tears she's dead acctually dead...

Jaz rushed into the room, I looked at her.

''She's dead... Mom's dead''

Heya, erm I know this is crap, but no hate, also can anyone come and by my co authors!!!!!!! I need help peeps, comment PLLZZ


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