girl name marissa bumps in too one of the band mates in one direction what happens if she falls in love with one of them ( harry styles fan fiction)


1. star bucks

RING RING RING 9:30 AM Marissa P.O.V UGGHHH 9:30 AM great what is in store for me today. I go down stairs too see my two best friends Victoria and Guadalupe sitting on the couch " morning sleepy head' Guadalupe said . " MORNING BOO" Victoria said. Victoria has called me boo since we met . " morning " I tell them both. " I am going too go take a walk too star bucks k you guys " I tell then. " okay be safe" they yell from the living room. " okay mom" I say with a smirk on my face. finally at star bucks " hi welcome to star bucks how may I help you " the lady at the counter said. "um can I please have the caramel java chip please" I say . " sure that will be $ 4. 58 please " she say . I give the lady my change then I was walking back home when I bumped into a guy with curly hair an has a British voice. " sorry love my bad did I hurt you" he said "no I am fine " I tell him . " I'M harry " he tells me wait did he say harry styles from one direction the British and Irish boy band . " are you from one direction the British and Irish boy band " I say " yup that's me " he says . " hi my names Marissa last name guess" HARRY POV I was walking too get some coffee from star bucks when I bumped into this girl who had Bruntte hair" sorry love my bad di I hut you" I tell her " no I am fine" she says . " I'M harry " " harry styles" I say too her . her eyes open wide " are you from one direction the British and Irish boy band " she says " yup that's me " I tell her . " hi my name is Marissa last name guess " she says . " your last name is really guess " I tell her . " yup cool right" she says with a smile . I admit she is hot. MARISSA POV " so you want to go to the park and just talk" harry says with a smile on his face " sure I would love too" I tell him.
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