'Cause Youre My Everything' A Niall Fanfic

Kate is 18, blonde hair, blue eyes. A good girl. There is a new boy in town. Blonde hair and blue eyes also. A bad boy.

This is my first story here on movellas, constructive comments would be nice. And also I' from Norway, så my engelish is not that good.


1. School day.

I woke up to the sound of birds singing. Haha, I'm just kidding. I woke up to the sound of my mother's voice screaming for me to get up. First day fo school after summer vacation, my last year of school. Yeeey. Another day listening to my teachers complaning about the class, bitches talking shit about me behind my back, thinking i don't hear them. 

I've allways had god characters, and to be honest, I did not have any trouble with boys either. I allways had a date to proms, and boys constantly hit on me. I didn't care though. Most of them were assholeas anyways. My hair was blonde, and my eyes blue, so most people tought I was from Sweeden. But accualy I was from London, where I'm also going to school.

I quickly put on a pair of black jeans and a white, a litte bit see trough, with my tupe top under. Then i went to my bathroom, washed my face and applied a little bi of mascara. I didn't like wearing a lot of makeup. I felt so fake then. I rushed down to my mother, my schoolbag in my hands, and grabbed an apple before kissing har on the cheek as i rushed out the door. I walked to school, an arrived there ten minutes before class. My first class was engelish. In the classroom we sat two, and two on one quite big desk. I didn'æt really like the idea of sharing my desk with someone else, but all the other years I sat by my bestfriend, Jenny. Jenny was beautiful. Her long, brown, wavy hair with her big brown eyes, she was just stunning. In the summer she had gotten a boyfriend, the were really cute together, and she absolutely adored him. Me and Jenny had all classes together, and in all classes we used the same classroom, so everybody had their 'own' place in the classroom. 

When I came in the classroom, I searched for Jenny, finding her sitting with her boyfriend. Ditching me. Well, well. I went over to them and talked to them for  bit. I sat at the dask infront of them, hoping i wouldn't have to sit alone, or worse, with one of the cheerleaders. The teacher came in, and behind her a boy. I had never seen this boy before, but I could tell he was a badboy by the sunglasses he was wearing. Sunglasses, a hoodie, and denim pants. I really hoped he wouldn't sit next to me.

But just as ordered, the boy grinned at me, while walking towards me. 

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