The Day My World Changed [DISCONTINUED]

It takes place in early 17OOs-2013 in a castle in Scotland, near Loch Ness; and in NYC.
A killer is out to get Allie, and is immortal. It turns her and She must run for centuries and has been in hiding until she stumbles out of the woods still mourning the loss of her Father and little sister.
She Falls in love with another immortal.


1. Screaming


    I woke up with my sister screaming and terror running deep in my veins. I ran over as fast as I could and tried to pull the figure that was attacking her off. But I soon realized it was no use. She was going to die.

On my last attempt I tried to punch and claw him off of her, then he pushed back. I flew back across the room and slammed into the wall, hard.

    Forgetting about my screaming, poor, floundering sister. He sauntered forward to kill me instead. Then I saw the most beautiful sight,12 year old Lillian crawling out the bedroom door and my Dad grabbing her. Then looking anxiously at me.

"RUN DAD! GET HER OUT!" I yelled at my dad. He nodded, then I became aware of the dark figure  watching me, intent on his kill. He sauntered forward.


3 Years Later

'Lillian,' I wrote with me sire looking over my shoulder.' I miss you so, I am alive. But you must promise me that you and father will not try to find me. I love you both.

This will arrive on your day of birth 15 years ago. Happy Birthday!' Almost cried when I had to add, ' I have almost forgotten, do not tell father about this letter or me being alive. I know this is so much to ask, but it is for the best. But as soon as you come of age I will find you, you may have a choice to join me or forget about me. Try to pick the correct one. I'll send you more letters, hide them.'

My sire, Adam looked pleased, knowing he would have another 'child' soon. "Adam, please try not to  turn her when it's not her choice, I want her to live a life." I said

"I'll try, go to bed A, we'll send it out in the morning. I love you my child." Adam said and leaned down and kissed my forehead, I leaned into a hug. He squeezed me and lifted me easily in his arms and carried me into my room.  "I love you to Ad." I mumbled back and feel asleep.



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