Fallen Love

Since she was born Ana has lived with a boy. He is sixteen. He never grows older. He remains that age. He needs her for something. what is it?


2. 6 years old

The bad man came today. He calls me child. Why do i not have a name? He told me i will be going to school. What is school? He told me it is where you learn things. He teaches me sometimes. He tells me about angels and demons. He tells me story's about a man named Luci-fer, an arch-angel. He says that Lucifer was friends with god, that he is his son. One day god decided to make people, he wanted them to be perfect, but Lucifer wanted to be gods most precious being. He was very mad, and decided he didn't want the people to be alive, so he sent some of his angels to kill the people. God was very mad. He had the angels killed, and he sent Lucifer far away to a place where he could do whatever he wanted.

The bad man wont tell me where. Why does he hate me. What name will he give me? will he even give me a name? I want to have a name. I don't like being called, child. Why does the bad man not have a name either? He told me to tell people he is my brother. Bro-ther? I don't like it. I hate it. I am scared of the bad man, so i will not tell him, because he will hurt me. Whenever i cry, he slaps me. Whenever i don't know something, he locks me in the dark room.  Its scary in the dark room. I'm scared of the dark. The bad man said to me 'the more you fear it, the more i shall make you confront it, the more i shall  rid you of this fear'. But being in the dark room is still scary. When i'm in there i can hear him cry. I hear him scream. Is someone hurting him? I'm scared. I don't want my bad brother to get hurt! Bad brother! Please stop crying bad brother! Please!

What is your name bad brother?

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