Near to you ..?

Denne movella er til konkurrencen "Bliv inspireret af en sang", og jeg er blevet inspireret af "Near to you" af A Fine Frenzy.


1. prologue

He and I, it's somethin' beautiful
But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
Loved him so but I let him go
‘Cause I knew he'd never love me back



I had let him go a long time ago, but still. I wasn’t over him yet. Not really. But that, I kept for myself.

He had been my first love, my first everything. He had meant everything to me, but he changed. And I had had to let him go, ‘cause I knew that he would never love me back like he did before.

It had started a summer day in june ’11, so it’s now 2 years ago.
That day he and I became a we.

When I look back now I can see my biggest mistake. I should never had let him come that close. I shouldn’t have let him in. He ruined me and 2 years after I’m still fighting to get back to the old me. 

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