Death & Co entries

My entries for the Death & Co. young graphic artist competition, you may use my artwork for inspiration but by no means may my work be: traced, copied or stolen. Not that you would ever want to, if you review on my artwork, I will happily review yours.


2. Aunt Jo (Jo Mortson)

I always imagined Aunt Jo a bit older than I drew her as, be aware that the second drawing's eyes were supposed to look that way, not realistic and her nose went violently wrong, it doesn't really look like a nose at all. the first one was more based on maybe what a younger Aunt Jo would have looked like, wearing more make up and the tear of course for her suggested passed away sweetheart. I made sure in the eyes I did draw for her were, wide almost as if she isn't there and thinking about something else. Again, the eyes weren't supposed to be realistic. Again, constructive criticism is encouraged, please if you have any suggestions, please tell me. 

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