Artificial Persona

Artificial Persona is a story told through documents.

It tells a frictional story of a planned initiative, undertaken by an agency to nurture moralistic individuals.

The Story centers on "Saul", unknowingly, as the first candidate of the project.
Only time will tell if the initiative is a success or failure.


2. Young Adult


Case Report:
By - Dan Veron

Asset Saul Treton, is exhibiting what I believe to be the first of many planned micro manipulation on his peers. Passive and at times untraceable to the human nature. These small actions which he exhibited could have long term effects on his peers.

one such documented occurrence of this behavioral pattern can be further examined and debated upon. Refer to the following-

The Game Trade

We been tracing his computer, his laptop and the hard disk he uses since April 2008, during this time, apart from the standard websites and common porn websites he visits, we witness a rise in game torrents that he has downloaded. While this could be a common trend on the internet, the interesting thing about this is that, upon further inspection, we discovered that he has never played any of the video games he has downloaded.

Trading and giving it to his peers in class was the only thing he did with them.
We recorded some of the conversations he has with his peers:

Saul Treton

Hey Hallen, got a new game for you, this one, you will like.


Is it a shooter?  

Saul Treton

Better, an online shooter.. no more single player games for you.. we can play together now, call the other guys along, lets have a lan party.


Nice... Hey the other game you gave me last week, have you finished it?

Saul Treton

Completed it long ago, still waiting on you to tell me the ending and am not going to spoil it for you.



Damn you, how do you complete these games so fast. I can't even get there.

Saul Treton

Try Harder then. hahahah.


As you can tell, Asset Saul Treton, is in fact lying about completing the games he has downloaded.

The question pose now is why. Why is Saul doing these things, which at close glance looks normal.

Our team of psychologist debated the outcomes.

He could be helping his friends.
Maybe it is a form of gaining popularity in class.
Plain Goodwill
For Collection Sake

But the final outcome upon cross referencing with other sources of surveillance, reveal a darker and more sinister plot to Saul's Mind and thinking process.

Saul is actually spelling the demised of his peers in their academic performances slowly by enticing them with human nature's most common desire, Play

How our research department come to this conclusion is simple. The peers in which Saul passes his games to, are actually peers that he is not fond of. He dislikes them for their personality or at times, their behavior towards him.

This is evident within a computer diary he keeps at home, on his desktop.

Refer to the following:

Dear computer,

 I hate people who treat others like trash or just simply people that they can verbally disgraced. They are so full of themselves and they think they are so popular in class that they act like douched bags. I have seen their effects on society and I cannot take it any further. They should suffer in future for their mistakes now. Woe to them for they lead a life of self indulgence.

Saul Treton.

As seen in the paragraph above. Although no names was written, Saul is actually addressing his dislike for his peers in class directly as he mostly spends his days either in school or at home.

To be sure of Saul's micro manipulation intend upon his peers, we ran a background check on them, their families, their financial stability and their upbringing process.

Hallen Ronald

Family Status - Healthy
Financial Status - Above average
Upbringing Process - Only son and eldest out of 3 children, Was given tremendous financial backing.

Asaki Kenosama

Family Status - Parents Divorced at age 13, Staying with his Mother
Financial Status - Above average
Upbringing Process - Eldest Son of 2 Children living in a Controlled and systematic family. Fuel by pride and snobbishness. 

For more detailed results and findings, Refer to (Annex 27)

As seen, both peers in which Saul dislike share a common trade, Financial Stability, a trade that Saul was not given in his upbringing. This cause a perception difference as Saul could not understand their way of life as he has lead a different one, away from the confines of financial stability. This in turn, creates a communication difference.

It is proven nature, to fear or dislike a stimulus that a person is not familiar to, let alone having any preconceive notion against it. Therefore Saul's dislike for his peers are a natural process of behavioral patterns, proving his intend of using micro manipulation upon them.


In conclusion, Saul's Tactic of using micro manipulation was a brilliant full prove method, of quietly gaining every possible advantage in life against his competition.

He played on the human desire of play by giving his peers the games they solely wanted in abundance, reducing the chances of his peers to achieve in their academic results.

He kept his cool and created a peasant atmosphere even if he dislikes his peers on a personal basis. For any common child, aggression and fights usually takes place at this age.

He could not be faulted as the onus lies with his peers for submitting to their desire of playing instead of studying.


A record of his peer's grades later prove Saul's success of micro manipulation.

 Hallen Ronald

Previous GPA - 3.75
Current GPA - 2.85

Asaki Kenosama

Previous GPA - 3.36
Current GPA - 2.27

Saul Treton

Previous GPA - 3.89
Current GPA - 3.51

Saul has exhibited a well thought out and carefully paced form of micro manipulation. A strike which not only last for a time being but also have an everlasting effect on his peer's future. while I do not condone this form of actions undertaken by anyone, it is worth mentioning Saul's maturity and complexity of his mindset at this point of his age. Like They say "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer".

End Report-

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