Demi's mum runs off unexpectedly to be with her boyfriend and leaves Demi and her two brothers alone in a small run down flat in the suburbs of downtown Los Angeles and doesn't leave any contact or information. So Demi and her brothers are left with no food and no money and left to fend for themselves that is until Justin comes along.

How will Demi cope? Will Justin be her saviour? Will her mother ever come back?


13. Taken


Justin's POV:

I opened the gate and let Jackson and Adam through, we walked across the fresh cut field to the small collection of grave's. I wanted somewhere private for her, somewhere where not everyone could get too.

I knelt down and put the flowers down on her grave and Jackson and Adam did the same, white roses, her favourite. It had been two years today, two years since the love of my life had took her life because of a stupid argument it was all my fault. Demi was perfect in every way and all this shit just got too much for her.

I promised her as I held her body that I would look after Jackson and Adam for her, and that's exactly what I did, I had custody over them and they lived with me now. I don't know how everything turned out so good and simple but I guess that's just luck for you.

Marion's body was taken away by her men and disposed of, they hunt me down everyday but that's all sorted, I changed my name. My name is now Jason Demi McCann and everyday I pine for somebody I can't have.

I bent down and kissed her grave as tears fell down my face.

''I love you beautiful, rest in peace'' I told her and looked to the sky. I felt her presence around me and felt safe for once.

''Come on guys, let's go home'' I told Adam and Jackson as we set off back towards the gate. After we reached the half way point I turned around and saw somebody stood over her grave, the figure got up and waved and that's when I realised who it was. She waved at me as her glossy blonde hair cascaded down her back and her blue eyes shone in the light.

''I love you Justin'' Demi mouthed.

''I love you too baby'' I whispered.

Everyday, I miss her more and more but I know that can't bring me down. I look after Jackson and Adam just as she did and I promised that one day I will make her proud. I might not have known her for long, but I loved like I had known her all my life.  I will never forget her, without her I would still be doing drugs dealing and getting into trouble, she is my saviour and always will be.

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