Demi's mum runs off unexpectedly to be with her boyfriend and leaves Demi and her two brothers alone in a small run down flat in the suburbs of downtown Los Angeles and doesn't leave any contact or information. So Demi and her brothers are left with no food and no money and left to fend for themselves that is until Justin comes along.

How will Demi cope? Will Justin be her saviour? Will her mother ever come back?


11. Escape


I woke up in darkness again, it didn't bother me anymore, I liked the dark I scanned the room and after a while I noticed a small stream of light which appeared in the middle of the floor, I followed the trail and found a door of which the light appeared from the keyhole. I peered through it squinting to find any signs of anyone on the other side but when somebody finally appeared it was not who I expected to see.

I closed my eyes and sat back on the floor, I was locked in a tiny room. Kept prisoner against my will and my mother was my kidnapper. I went back over to the keyhole and looked through again just as somebody put a key in the lock. I shot up and sprinted back to my original place, laid down and pretended to be asleep. I squeezed my eyes shut while footsteps clicked across the room, slowly moving towards me.

Suddenly, a hand was on my shoulder and another one was stroking my hair, I opened my eyes and saw my mother in front of me with tears streaming down here face.

''I'm so sorry babe, I shouldn't have left. I didn't mean to get you into all this mess'' she told me through her sobs.

''Please don't hurt me'' I whispered.

She shot back clearly stung by my words.

''Baby, what do you mean? What has Justin told you? I would never, NEVER hurt my babies. Ever!'' She told me through gritted teeth.

''What do you mean? How do you know Justin?'' I asked her, immensely confused by this whole situation.

''Justin is a drug dealer, his family are one of the biggest companies in LA, he's not one to just let things slide and when I met his father Jeremy, we hit it off and I got involved in their family 'business'. Then this big deal went wrong and I got the blame for it so I took off, otherwise they would have killed me'' she told me.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so why did he do all this? Why did he look after me? Cry when I cut myself? Give me money? What the fuck was he playing at?

''But he looked after me? He helped me when you went.. I gave him my virginity for Christ's sake'' shit, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that..

''Oh baby'' she cooed as she cradled me in her lap, when a car engine rattled outside the house.

''SHIT! He's back, right get up baby we need to go.. now!'' We leaped up as I scrabbled to undo the rope around my feet.

''Shit. MUM HELP!'' I yelled, terrified.

''Fuck right stay still'' she said and she pulled out a Stanley knife and started to frantically cut at the rope, after what seemed like hours the rope finally snapped into and we made and exit for the door.

''This way'' she said.

We ran down a series of corridors and came to a padlocked door, she rattled in her pocket for the keys and started to fumble with the lock with a series of different keys when the front door opened and a gunshot fired into the air sending shivers down my spine.

''MARION, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!'' boomed a familiar voice.

''Shit'' she cursed under her breath finally, after an eternity she found the right key and opened the door as we leapt out of the door and into a field out the back.

Another series of gunshots fired through the house, smashing windows and shattering other things inside the house. Then a figure appeared in the door way in front of us as we crouched down in the long grass. My heart leaped through my chest when another two figures at the side of him shouted my name.

''Mum, he's got Adam and Jackson'' I told her.

Slowly she reached into her back pocket trying not to make a sound as she pulled out a small pistol and started to load it with bullets.

''I'll give you five seconds before I shoot both of them'' He yelled. ''!-2'' He started to count slowly as Jackson and Adam whimpered at his side. My palms started to sweat and my breathing became increasingly shallow.

''3..4!'' He yelled across the field.

Before he could get to five my mother shot up at the side of me and fired her pistol at him just as he caught sight of her and fired back. The smell of burning filled the air as the bullet's spun across the vast open space. I closed my eyes and re-opened them as another shot fired. My mother was laid next to me with blood pouring from her mouth, she turned to face me and cupped my face.

''I never wanted to leave you, I had no choice.. I love you'' she said as she kissed me and fell to the ground. That was it, she was gone. My mother was laid on the ground next to me, with her eyes open and her skin pale. I never thought I'd see the day my mother died.

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