One Direction Imagine's.

One Direction Imagine's.


4. Harry and Cece.

Harry and Cece, aka CeceStyles<3

Harry’s Point Of View.


I went to the door, and rang the doorbell. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea, since I can see ‘her’, but how was I supposed to come in without a sign, like a doorbell or a knock.. Either way it could be someone else who’d open the door.

Maybe this wasn’t smart.. Maybe it didn’t feel right, well, not anymore. It’s never a good move to say ‘yes’ when the sister of your ex-girlfriend asks you on a date.

Seeing that I was pretty lucky today, Estelle opened the door. My current girlfriend, also known as Cece’s older sister.. My ex’s older sister. She smiled, and gave me a peck on the lips before inviting me inside. Cece would do it the other way around..

The moment I catched myself at thinking about her, I pushed the thought away. I was with her sister.. I couldn’t be thinking about her, even when I was in the house were she lives.

We walked to her room, which was next to Cece’s. Talking about awkward, but I ignored it. I took a seat on her bed, and grinned. A light chuckle left her mouth, and she sat down on my lap.

‘’Why don’t you go to Cece, and get my phone back.. She’s putting some movie’s on it, but I want a new profile picture.’’ she smirked. It took all of me not to roll my eyes. Yes I liked her, but that’s all. I didn’t even know if I liked her more than just a friend.

Then I realized what she said. I had to go to Cece.

‘’You’re kidding, right?’’ I let out a dry laugh, and she shook her head. Knowing how stubborn she is, I stood up. ‘’You’re the cause of the upcoming third worldwar.’’ I said sarcastically, and walked over to the oh so familiar room. Without realizing it I started to smile. We, as in Cece and me, had some great times in there. Just chilling, being ourselves.. I knocked on the door, and just walked in.

‘’Es, I’m not done y-‘’ She turned around, and saw me. Her stressed face changed to a confused one, with a hint of anger. ‘’When you knock, you should wait outside of the door, ‘till I call you in.’’

‘’Your sister sent me.’’ I said carfully.

‘’M-My sister?’’ She whispered. Oh boy. Estelle didn’t tell her.. Oh boy. ‘’I thought cheating was low, Harry, but now.. T-This is a whole new level..’’ she stammered. Stammering.. Something she only did when she was nervous or hurt. Well, and when she liked something, but I guess this isn’t the stammering of being happy.

‘’It didn’t came from me.’’ I sighed, and she rolled her eyes.

‘’Sure, Harry.’’ This time, she sighed. If i didn’t know better, I’d think there was a hint of sadness in her voice. I walked over to her, and took a stool. I placed it next to her. After I sat, I turned to face her. I smirked when I caught her looking at me, but as soon as it came, it left again.

‘’I didn’t want it like this..’’ I whispered. I knew I blew up big time, and if I wanted to fix this, I should take the first step.

‘’Me neither.. But you should be truthful with me.’’ She turned her chair, now her whole body faced me.

‘’I will, I promise!’’ I pleaded. She gave me a funny look.

‘’You’re with my sister- Wait, don’t tell me you’re with my sister because of me?’’ I let out a laugh, and shook my head.

‘’I didn’t want to disappoint her.’’ I smiled a little, and looked to the floor. I knew I was in love with her, and I thought that with time, it’d go away.. But I guess instead of that, I just fell harder. Her sparkling eyes, just everything about her. ‘’You’re the one for me, Cece.. No one else.’’ I said shyly.

Her hand reached my chin, and she pushed it up a little. For a couple of seconds her soft lips touched mine, before she pulled back again. She had a shy smile around her lips.

‘’Get rid of her, and we can pick ‘us’ up again?’’ she smiled, and I threw my arms around her.

‘’I promise, I won’t ever, ever lie to you again, okay sweetie?’’ I felt her nod, and I gave her a peck before letting go.

‘’One last change, Harry. Only because I lo- can’t live without you.’’ Her cheeks went red, and I chuckled.

‘’I love you too.’’



Sorry, a bit short once again, but I think they'll all be like this.

Hope you like it. :)

xx, Kay.

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