One Direction Imagine's.

One Direction Imagine's.


3. Harry and Amber.

Harry’s Point Of View.

Harry and Amber, aka amber_luvs_1D.



With the bag in my hand, I walked to her house. It was familiar, since I came here all the time when I was younger, and wasn’t away all the time with the lads. The good thing about this was that she was happy for me. She always hoped that something like this would happen to me.. And I guess, that thanks to her, I actually had the nerve to step onto that stage and sing ‘Isn’t she lovely.’’

Hell, she’s lovely as what. Maybe, somewhere along the road, I developed feelings for her.. When we were in America, she was the only girl I thought about. The girls at the club weren’t beautiful, or attractive, or smart.. To make it easier, They weren’t Amber, so after drinking something, and having a little conversation, they weren’t worthy enough.

Seeing her house in front of me made me smile. Two month’s ago was the last time I saw her, and I missed her terribly. I pushed the button of the doorbell, and soon enough someone opened the door. Before I could see who it was, since I didn’t know if her parents were home, someone threw their arms around me, which made me stumble backwards a bit.

At that moment I knew it was Amber.

I smiled, while wrapping my arms around her torso, and lifting her up in the air. After a while I put her on the ground again.

‘’I missed you so much, Amber!’’ I said dramatically, but in a way she knew I meant it. She giggled, while nodding.

‘’Missed you too, curly. Now come inside, they said it’s gonna rain soon.’’ While walking back into the house, I checked the surroundings. Nothing changed, only a couple of new pictures in the hallway. ‘’No one’s home, so no need to go to the livingroom.’’ She said, walking up the stairs. I followed her.

When we entered her room, I started to laugh. There was a life-sized cut out of me in the corner of her room.

‘’Well, I can see you missed me.’’ I laughed. I pointed to the cut out, and immediatly her cheeks flushed a dark shade of red.

‘’You weren’t supposed to see that..’’ she mumbled. With a cheshire grin on my face, I walked over to were she stood, and towered her small frame with my tall body.

‘’But I did.’’ I whispered, while throwing the bag I had on a chair, and picking her up. I threw her softly on her bed, and fell next to her. She frowned, and I laughed. I didn’t even know what I had.. But I felt lost for words. Seeing her this close again after two months.. Every butterfly that went to sleep in America woke up again.

Remembering what had happened, I laid my hand on her side, and grinned. She still frowned, probably thinking about what my plan was. To be honest; I didn’t even have a plan. I started tickling her, and she squealed. I began to laugh, and tickled her with both of my hands.

After five minutes I stopped, and again she looked at me with those beautiful eyes, but this time, it was with an intense stare. Without noticing it myself, I started to lean in.. And to my surprise, se did to.

Our lips touched, and there were fireworks. The tingling feeling in my lips made me smile a little, and I guess she felt that, because I felt her smile. I wrapped my arms around her, and held her close to me. Not one time did she protest.

After a while we both backed up a bit. Both with a cheesy smile around our lips.

‘’Woah.’’ she breathed out.

‘’You’re amazing, Amber.’’ I whispered.

‘’And here I was, thinking I’d get rejected.’’ She grinned. We both layed down, moving a little ‘till we were comfortable. We ended up with our legs tangled, her head on my chest, and my arms still around her.

‘’Amber, I rejected every girl in America because of you, how can you think I’d reject you.’’ I chuckled.

‘’I don’t know.’’ she said lazily, probably closing her eyes.

‘’Be mine?’’ I said with a smile on my face, even though she couldn’t see it.

‘’Wouldn’t want it any other way. Of course, Harry.’’ she said in that sweet voice of hers.


Hope you like it, and sorry, it's a bit short.. But I think there are enough grammar errors by now, lol. English isn't my first language.


xx, Kay.

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