One Direction Imagine's.

One Direction Imagine's.


5. Authors note.

i'm sorry.

yes, i know i take forever and stuff.

To be honest, I had one ready, but I have yet to write it over on my laptop.

It's summer vacation, which means I'm pretty busy.  It's a rare situation that I'm home, since I spend most of my days at my friends house, or outside, or at the mall.

besides this, I'll be going to another country for two weeks next thursday.

I promise, promise, promise, I'll write all the requests down, and I'll try to write them in my free time over there, or when I'm in the airplane, or bored at the pool, since I'm not that much of a beach person.. But my friend will drag me there anyway.

SO ONCE AGAIN, I'M SORRY.  I have Maggi's oneshot almost done, - That's the one I have to write on my laptop again, - But everything what came after Maggi's has yet to be written.


x Kay.

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