Will Mario be able to defeat the baleful Bowser to save the one and only Beautiful Peach?


1. The Final Battle

Here it is. The final battle. I'm standing with bent knees and fists clenched in the hottest dungeon I have ever been in. The burning fires searing the hair on the back of my neck. I can see the beautiful girl at the end, her luscious blonde hair falling down her pink dress. All I have to do is defeat Bowser one last time and she's mine. Here he is. He drops down from the ceiling with an unbelievably loud thud that knocks me off my feet. His monstrous green shell gleams down onto me. I grunt and make may way back on to my feet and start throwing my blazing fireballs in his direction and then quickly roll away, causing my white hat to fall off into the lava and I see magma spit up in the corner of my eye.

Bowser looks confused for a split second trying to work out where I've gone but then turns around and sees me again. He starts charging but I quickly roll away again. I start to feel a piercing throbbing in my right arm. I must of rolled wrong and landed on it. "All of that training for nothing" I say to myself. It starts to ache even more but I have to do this, for her. I throw my fireballs at his evil face. He looks even angrier now, his face red with anger. His shell is no longer gleaming green, it's a shimmering red. This it is I've almost done it. Just one more fireball. 

I start charging at Bowser and through my clenched teeth I yell at him, "THIS IS IT BOWSER, YOU'RE DONE!" But I've missed him and he grabs me in his filthy hands and lifts me up to his face, covering my face and clothes in soot. He chuckles with a wicked grin and says with pleasure, "Not this time Mario, this is it, you're gone forever after this and you will never see your pathetic little princess again, bye MWAHAHAHA". He chucks me into the air towards the lava and I hear the drone of his evil laughter as I'm falling. I manage to yell out to Peach " I'll be back, I'll respawn, don't worry" but deep down I know I won't because this time it wasn't the player controlling me. No. I only had one life because I decided it was time. Time to do this for myself. I thought I could do it without a stupid human to control my every movement. 

Seconds before I hit the lava a tear drops from my eye and I whisper "Bye Peach".

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