Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


23. Still hanging on

Jacey POV

Louis is so protective of me. He's always watching over me. We were on the couch. He was watching a game and I was bored. I sighed and started to try to pay attention. Some how I got uncomfortable and turned my body around. Haha everything was upside down and the blood was rushing to my head. Lou put his hand on my stomach and said, "comfy there?" We laughed and then Niall and Zayn walked in. "Emo boy and nerd are back," I teased. "Haha," Zayn replied as they took off the wigs and went upstairs. Zthey came back down seconds later to watch the game. "Manchester United is playing?" Asked Zayn. I shrugged my shoulders and Lou nodded. "So what happened with Stevie?" I asked turning my head in their direction. The blood was still flowing to my head. "She said she maybe able to run away tonight." Said Niall. "Why does she want to run away?" Asked Lou. "She lives with The Wanted." Zayn gave a quick glance. "No one ever told you did they?" Said Zayn. Lou leaned back and we paid attention. "She doesn't really like it there because-" Zayn cut himself off as Niall clenched his fist and walked away. "What's wrong with him?" Liam asked as he walked in followed by Harry. "Just keep going Zayn," I demanded as we turned our attention to him. "They hurt her almost daily. She just wants to leave because she wants it to stop." He said. "Why didn't she ever just tell the police?" Asked Lou. "Who are they going to side with a fourteen year old or a The Wanted?" Zayn replied. "Stevie talk?" Asked Harry as he jumped over the couch. "Yeah," I replied and sat up. "She's probably going to come here tonight." Zayn added. Then we heard a loud thud. "Um. What was that?" Asked Liam as he walked towards the sound. Liam came back and said, "Niall decided to pinch the wall." "He gets really protective of Stevie doesn't he?" I commented. "He acts like she's his sister. He said she's like the sister he never had," Zayn said.

Stevie POV

"here wear this cunt," Nathan insulted. I slapped him. "I'm not a cunt be more respectful to girls," he looked me in the eyes and I knew I was winning. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. "Shit!" I mumbled. Why does this keep happening. He ripped of my clothes as I tried to stop him. He slapped me and opened my legs. He held me down as he started to do the rest. I yelled and cried. I wish I could stop this. They just feed of my pain and suffering. Why do they do this though. I wish I was four again so I could change my life. But it's been too late. I can't do anything now. Then my phone rang damn. His eyes widened and he just started to hurt me even more. "AHHHH!!!!!" I yelled as the tears became more rapid. I couldn't help it. I stopped struggling and my tears were drying up. My body began to feel numb but I could still feel Nathan on top of me. My eye lids began to feel heavy. Every second They closed even more. I couldn't see a thing but a small light in the midst of darkness. 


I walked by her room and scold. Little bitch. I heard screams and crying just a minute ago. I walked in the room and saw Nathan on her. I looked at her and noticed that she wasn't moving. "Nathan stop," I commanded as he looked back at me. I walked over . "She's not moving," I said as he stood up. "Barely breathing either," he added. "Damn it Nathan," I said as I stormed out the room. "Max, Siva, Tom sees out cold," I yelled. They went to the room and looked at her. They hate her more than I do yet we still have her. She's gotten slimmer than last month. I went over to them but they didn't do a thing. We left the room seconds later.

Stevie POV

I could here everything there are saying. Am I really barely breathing? Why do they even keep me around? I kept walking in the dark. There was nothing but a distant light. It was shining and white. It seemed like it was dozens of miles away. I felt a harsh chill with a strange sensation. I began to ponder. How did this even happen? Why did it have to happen? Why did life have to be like this? Why? Why am I even still here? My sight set on the light. They say don't go towards it. They say to go away from the light what if I just ran towards it. Nothing is here to stop me so why not. I started slowly walking towards the light. 

Jacey POV

Why do I feel like this? I had that strange feeling that happens almost daily though. "Damn it!" I accidentally whispered. "What's wrong?" Asked Lou as he cradled me. I clenched my heart. The air became harder to breathe. I was struggling to breathe this can't be right. "Jace what's wrong?" Liam said getting more concerned. I didn't say a word. I stopped breathing. "Jacey! Jacey! Jacey!" I couldn't move. My fingers were twitching though. Lou let me go and immediately he started to do CPR. 

Stevie POV

I feel like someone's watching me or something. I stopped and looked to my left quickly then at my right. I saw a figure a few miles away. I walked towards it. It was faint but then I could tell it was girl. She looked at me and turn to face me. "Where are we?" She asked. "I'm not sure, I've been here for a few seconds, but it feels like forever." "How come I can't see your face?" She asked. "I can't see yours either." I responded.  "Why am I here?" She asked. "I'm not sure. I just ended up here after I fainted." I replied. "Last thing I remember is that my breathing stopped for a while." She commented. "Why can't I remember my name?" I questioned. "I can't remember mines either." She said shocked. "Do you think we're going to die?" She asked. "I think so," I replied and looked ahead. "There's the light," I pointed ahead. "Why don't we run away from it and see what happens," she stated. "I'll guess there's nothing else we can do. Why not?" I answered. He held each others hand and ran from the light. 

Jacey POV

I shot up and coughed. I saw Lou with tears on his cheeks. He looked at me and smiled. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. "You scared me Love." He whispered. I smiled and kissed his cheek. We pulled away and I wiped away his tears. "Better," I whispered and stood up. "Thank God you're alright," Liam blurted and they all hugged me. Except Niall. He never came back. 

Stevie POV

Shit! I shot up and looked around. "The fuck?" I mumbled. Eww. What's up with my voice. I got off my bed and checked the time 9:12 pm. "Am I alone?" I asked myself. I slipped on a gown and ran downstairs. "Dear Bitch,

If you woke up we went to the interview. We'll be back at eleven. The security system is on. 

Hate, Us" 

I sighed and ran upstairs. I grabbed a duffel bag and sat it on my bed. I took a quick shower and changed. I put on a white lace top and gray skinnies. I slipped on my high tops and packed my clothes. I hope they end up getting rape so they can see how it feels. I threw in a couple pairs of shoes and zipped it up. They're going to now if I use the doors so that leaves one thing. They lock their rooms so I ran to the basement. I ran back with a tool and removed the  barricade thing. I threw the bag and watched as it landed. I turned off my lights and grabbed my phone. I gulped and climbed out the window. I climbed down carefully. I lost my grip and fell on the ground. It was just about six feet up though. I got up and grabbed my bag. Run, run, run. I ran to the park and looked around. Niall and Zayn said to their place. I got out my phone and quickly texted Zayn. "Im at the park" I ran towards the direction of the house...

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