Just for That

Jacey hasn't been or seen her family since she was four. You wonder why? This world we live in can just be so cruel that we never want to face the reality of things. It never crosses our minds on how evil some people can be. Except for Jacey. She has friends because they were kidnapped too, yet no one realizes they were stolen. All of them are just sold to the person with the highest pay. What will happen?


9. Happy B-Day <3

Louis POV

"I the cake ready?" Asked Harry trying to make too much sound. I smiled and nodded. I had made the cake and frosted it and everything. We all walked into Jay's room as she was painting. She actually had a bright idea. Each wall consisted of the same colors but it was a different design on each wall. One had poka dots another had lines then animal print and she was working on the last wall. We all walked in hid the cake. We started singing the birthday song. She blushed and blew out the candles. "What's the wish?" Asked Liam. "You'll never know she laughed. We pulled out the candles and Niall smashed her face into a small portion of the cake. "That's enough cake for you." he laughed. "Oh really?" She tooka bunch of cake off her face and threw it at him. We all ended up getting more cake on us instead of in us. We clened up and sat down on the bed. "While all you are here help me splash paint on the wall," she said grabbing a bucket of paint. I grabbed it from her and splashed the paint on her. I pushed her to the wall playfully. She started laughing and we all did. "Great we have an amazing start," she said. "Okay now splash paint on the wall." She added and handed us brushes. We threw it all over the wall. "Alright finished!" She stated about an hour later. I walked towards her and looked down a bit. "Not yet," I  I moved the brush up nd down on her face. We all laugh and then she grabbed the roller and started running after me. "Ahh," I yelled like a little kid. She ended up painting all our asses. Literaly. "Your asses are blue," she at us. We all washed up because we got so messy so fast. 

Jacey POV

Well this isn't bad. I hope nothing changes when they start fucking me. Luckily I had a bathroom in my room. I started playing music and stepped into the shower. I took a nice warm shower and dried off. I walked into my room. There was Lou. "Whatcha doin'?" I asked. "Looking through your clothes?" He replied as he went through the closet. "This" he pointed to an outfit he had set out on the bed. "Alright," I smiled lightly and stood there looking at him. He laughed a bit when he realiZed I was waiting for him to get out. He walked out and I put on my bra and underwear. He even picked out that. :/ woah. I put on some yellow skinnies and a black and white mickey mouse top along with a gray jacket. I looked in the mirror and started making weird faces after fixing my curly hair. "Knock, knock," I heard someone's voice say as I was still making faces. "What are you doing?" Asked Harry. I stuck my tongue out at him and made a funny fce. He laughed and said, "C'mon we are all going out Love." He held out his hand and I took it. We walked to the living room and met up with the guys. We walked out the house and locked it. We piled up in a van and drove off. "Where we going?" I asked excited. They all looked at me and laughed except for Liam who was driving. Then ghe parked in a random place. We got out and Lou held my hand. "Don't get lost," he smiled. He keeps smiling but his smile is cute. We all walked around. "So what are we doin?" I asked looking at Liam. Even he is childish but he's less of child than the rest of them. "If you see anything you like just say so," they smiled at me. We walked around and I found a place with a lot of house accessories. We walked in and I bought some things. ;) yay. I'm being spoiled. Haha. We took the stuff back to the van and walked to an ice cream parlor. I saw people taking pictures the whole time. Lou was closest to me since the others were already eating their ice cream. "Lou why are they taking pictures?" I whispered into his ear. "Don't mind them. If they want a picture let's give them one." He kissed my cheek as clear as day. I smiled and we ordered. He had superman ice cream and I just got a cookies 'n cream. We sat with the guys and ate our frozen milk. 

Zayn POV

We saw him kiss her. They all took pictures. The paparazzi is always after us. they got the pictures this may mislead people. Igot out my phone and checked Lou's page. "Lou check your twitter," I told him. He looked confused but pulled out his phone and checked anyways. "Whoa," he gasped. "What is it?" Asked Jacey. He showed her his phone and she gasped. "Let me borrow your phone for a minute," shesaid as he handed her his phone. She searched up a website and face palmed herself. "Someone read this aloud," she demanded. Liam grabbed the phone nd started reading, "Louis Tomlinson of One Direction with a minor? All though nothing has been confirmed other than the Elounor break up yesterday but the lads of One Direction have been spotted with a yound girl. Jacey is her name and she is around fourteen. Strange? What an age difference. Louis William Tomlinson is almost twenty two and yet he is with a minor. Do you really think love has an age? Or not? Comment your opinions below-" ..

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