S.T.A. L.. K. E. R


2. Missing Backpack

 When I woke the first thing I noticed was that my backpack was gone. I turned to tell Moylan but he wasn’t there either. Had something happened to him? Did someone steal the backpack and he ran after them? I had no doubt that Moylan would get into a fight over our food because I would do the same.
     Around me everyone was calm and some still asleep. Not a fight then. Otherwise there would be blood and bodies lying around from the aftermath. Even with that bit of information it still didn’t slow down the panic that’s rising in my throat.
       Without my backpack I felt naked as I searched through the sleeping bodies for Moylan. I had never realised until now how many people looked like Moylan from behind. His short black hair seemed like the fashion as well as his height and muscular body.
       My quick and panicked movements caused people to stare but I didn’t care what they thought. Moylan is missing and so is my backpack with all my food. Running up the flimsy stairs I turn at random corners hopping to run into him. But just as I was about to lose that hope I noticed someone leaning against a closed door with a backpack strapped safely on his shoulders. Moving closer I became more convinced its Moylan. The side of his face is press up against the door as if trying to listen to the mumbling on the other side. What is he doing?
     Taking the chance I whisper his name. If he did hear me he didn’t act like it and I was about to do it again when he turn around and put his finger to his lips. I barely had the chance to react before Moylan turned around and grabbed my hand. Shocked, I let Moylan led me to a dark room. He closed the door and slid to the floor with a sigh. I used this time to look around the small room. It was a small room probably four by three meters.  There was little light coming through the dirty window just above me and the stale air stuck of rotting cartes.
      I turned back to Moylan; he had his face turn upward with a smile on his face. I was glad to see him smile but I didn’t like how his eyes glittered with trouble. After a moment I asked him, “What were you doing?” Now looking at me I could see something I haven’t seen in a long time; hope.
    “I found a way out,” he said.
    “Yeah, the front door,” I say sacristy. 
    “No. I mean I found a way out of this hell hole.” Taking a breath he continues, “I overheard someone talking about how the trader sells his artefacts to the scientist a few days away from here.” I sat there for a few minutes trying to let it sink in. If the man down the stairs sells his artefacts to the scientist what do they want them for, to study? I still didn’t understand what this had to do with us escaping and it must have been evident because Moylan continued.
   “If the scientist got their equipment here then someone must be bringing it. If we can find out who it is then we can negated with them.” He failed to see that we were just people, we are not important enough to bother with. 
   “Even if we know who it is, what can we give them? We have nothing of value.” I say, suddenly tried. If hadn’t been leaning on the wall I would have crumbled to the floor.
    Moylan stood up and walked over to me. Handing my backpack to me he says, “We could steal something.” Despite my current situation I laugh.
    “Now we’re thugs?” I say looking up to his face. He laughs too, but soon my laughs dissolve to sobs. My body shakes from the crying that over come’s me and I slide once again to the floor. Moylan kneels down and puts his arms around me; I welcome the hug and cry on his shoulder. It was strange how he was the one who had lost his friend and yet I was the one bowling my eyes out. Not seeming to mind Moylan pats my hair and mumbles something. Too busy crying I don’t ask what he said, instead I listen to his and my heart beat. They were both off and irregular but strong.
   “I think we should go to the scientist bunker. It’s a few days from here.”  I nod. If we had any chance of getting out of this I was not going to let it fly away. “I’ve got a few people who owe me. I can get them to find us good weapons and first aid equipment.” I let go of him and stare into his light green eyes.

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