Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


24. Seeing Him Again

Harry's POV

What is wrong with me? I'm sitting on the plane with the boys and I can't stop thinking about Dylan again. I'm actually really nervous. I haven't seen this girl in nearly 5 months. I mean what if she's moved on with her life.

I leant over to the seats in front of me where Louis and Niall were talking really quietly. 
"What'll he do when he finds out she has a boyfriend?" Louis says and Niall shrugs. 
"I don't know, but it's going to be quite awkward..." Niall says back. 

They both haven't realised I was there so I continued listening. What do they mean she has a boyfriend?

"We'll have to tell Harry sometime..." Niall continued and Louis sighed. 

"I know I know, but I just don't want to see him lose hope. He looked pretty excited too..." Louis said and I cleared my throat. They jumped when they realised I've been listening this whole time.

"Shit" Niall muttered.

"What do you mean she has a boyfriend! You mean Dylan?!" I hissed and they nodded slowly.

"I'm so sorry Haz, we didn't want to hurt you..." Louis looked over at me.

I ignored them and sat back in my seat. Dylan had a boyfriend? I can't believe it. Even though we weren't together anymore, a part of me always knew we belonged together. This is all my fault. I was the one who fucked it all up. I was the one who stupidly took her for granted and slept with another girl.

I put my headphones in and my beanie over my eyes. I could feel the tears in my eyes stinging but I left it and feel asleep.


Dylan's POV

I got changed into some jeans left my apartment early and drove to the airport. Kit hadn't come home in a few days so I assumed that she was with another boy. I loved that girl but I had to admit, she was quite a slut.

When I arrived at the airport, there were already girls waiting outside for the boys to arrive.

I laughed to myself and shook my head. I'd forgotten about how big and famous they were.

"Oh my god! You're Dylan Madden!" A girl ran up to me. "Harry Styles is coming back for you isn't he!!!" She said excitedly.

I chuckled and shook my head. "Sorry babe, I think you have the wrong girl." I decided to lie. I just didn't feel like being surrounded my fans right now.

She looked disappointed. "Oh ok, you just realllyyyy look like that girl." She said. "You're really pretty" She smiled before walking off.

I didn't even get the chance to thank her. Before I opened my mouth, I heard a familiar Irish yell.


I turned to see Niall running straight to me. I heard girls screams as security led the boys out.

"Niall!!!" I shouted as he gave me the biggest hug ever and spun me around.

"I've missed you!" He said once he let me go. I looked behind me to see 3 other boys follow. Their faces all lit up once they saw me as they came to greet me.

"I've missed you Dyl!!" Louis said and gave me a bear hug.

I laughed. "You too Lou! You're looking very sharp!"

Zayn and Liam both said hi to me and gave massive hugs. But one member of the band was missing. I looked around. "Where's Harry?" I asked.

The boys looked around too. "I'm not quite sure." Liam replied. "He was with us a second ago."

The fans were all around us screaming and shouting while security was blocking them off. It was starting to get really intense. 

"C'mon, let's get out of here." Zayn said.

"We can't leave Harry" Niall said back.

As we thought of what to do, suddenly a curly haired man caught my eye. He walked towards us in his skinny jeans and black T-shirt and leather boots. He had a beanie on his head and ray bans covering his eyes.

The fans all looked in his direction and burst into hysteria. "HARRY!!!" They screamed and the other boys covered their ears.

I couldn't believe I was seeing him again. After 5 months, he was standing in front of me. Once he saw me, he made his way over and stopped within a metre away from me.

We stood there in silence for a bit, looking at each other. I blocked off all the sounds around me and focused on him. He looked so different. Yet the same. He still the same gorgeous smile.

I could feel everyone around us staring, including the 4 other lads. I decided to break the silence. 

"Hi Harry" I said, barely audible to everyone except for him.

"Hi Dyl" He replied, his face still the same, no smile, just pure shock.

I heard a cough from behind me. I spun around to hear Louis say "Uh shall we go now? You both can catch up later."

I quickly nodded and helped the boys with their luggages. We went outside and the fans followed, crowding around us, asking for photos and autographs. We put their suitcases into the back of my car and they all hopped in. There was 6 seats in my car so we all just fit. The car ride back to my apartment was silent except for the occasional "Can you change the radio station?"

Once we got back to my apartment, they all brought their stuff upstairs. I opened the door and they all entered inside and looked around. My apartment wasn't too small but it wasn't that big either.

"Sorry if it's not what you expected." I said to them.

"Don't be silly!" Louis said. "This is fine!" 

The other boys nodded except Harry, who was silent. I led them into the guest room which had a double bed and a blown up mattress. "Three of you can sleep in here and two can sleep in my room. I'll take the couch." I suggested.

"What! Of course not!" Liam replied. "You shouldn't have to sleep on the couch because of us!" He thought for a moment. "How about you and Niall take your room, since you guys are like siblings and Louis, Zayn and I can take the guest room."

Louis grinned. "And that means Harry can take the couch."

Harry sighed. "Yeah whatever man."

I smiled at him awkwardly. "I'll help you set up."

"I can do it myself." He answered bluntly.

Woah, ok... why is he being so cold and distant? I thought we'd moved on... I guess not... But why was he mad at me? I'm the one who should be mad at him for cheating on me.

Anyways, I ignored him and agreed. "Sure! How about you guys get settled and have showers and stuff and we go out for dinner?" I asked.

They all nodded and smiled. "Sounds great!" Zayn replied before they all scurried into their rooms and Harry pulled out the sofa bed.


Zayn's POV

Hmmm.... I would never admit this to Dyl, I loved that girl, but this apartment is tiny! There's not even a mirror in the guest room and only one bathroom. Oh well... I guess it is nice to see my friend again. I can't complain. And I couldn't help but see another girl's room left wide open. Wow she seem's really messy. She must be her room mate. I wonder if she's hot?


Dylan's POV

I joined Niall in my room as he unpacked. 

"So how are things Nialler?" I asked as I jumped onto my bed.

He shrugged. "You know, same same. We're finishing the tour in a month, then going to record our next album."

I nodded. "You guys seem quite busy. And how's Jadyn? Still going on well?" I asked and immediately his eyes brightened.

"She's been amazing! But she misses you you know." He replied and I nodded again.

"And um..." I lowered my voice. "What's with Harry?" I asked.

Niall chuckled. "He found out about your boyfriend" 

I sat up straight. "What boyfriend?"

"You know, the one you said was really sweet and all that shit?" Niall laughed.

"Ohhhhh" I replied and laughed before going silent. "Ex boyfriend you mean..." I looked down.

Niall raised his eyebrows. "What?" He hissed. 

I nodded. "We broke up after my phone call with you. I knew I couldn't continue dragging him along when I'm still in love with..."

I got interrupted when someone knocked on the door. I spun around to see Harry standing there. Shit! Did he hear what I just said?

"Uh" He cleared his throat. "Do you have any sheets?" He asked, keeping his eyes on the floor.

I looked over at Niall who was holding in his laughter and shook his head.

"Um yeah" I replied, getting off the bed. "Here, I'll get them for you."






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