Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


2. Say You Love Me

Dylan's POV

The boys and I finally got away from the fans and arrived back at our suite. I collapsed onto the couch as Zayn did the same on the other couch. Harry and Niall immediately went into the kitchen and Louis and Liam started wrestling on the floor. I looked over at Harry who smiled at me when we made eye contact.

"Dylan? Dylan!" I heard Zayn call me as a cushion hit my head.

"Ow! Zayn!" I said and he laughed.

"Sorry, I thought you couldn't hear me." He said and I groaned. "So?" He asked. "What do you think?"

"About what?" I said.

"I was asking if you wanted to go out with us tonight? To a club?"

"Ohh!" I replied. "Um yeah sure, sounds great" I smiled.

"Cool!" He replied before jumping on top of Louis and Liam.

"Wanna join the stack?" Louis shouted at me as he was squished between Liam and Zayn.

I giggled and shook my head before I made my way into the kitchen to join Niall and Harry.

"What are you guys up to?" I asked them as I sat on the bench.

"Making ourselves a sandwich after a long day." Harry said to me. "Hey Dyl, do you mind grabbing me the ketchup from my room?"

I laughed. "What's ketchup doing in your room Styles?"

"You don't even want to know." He winked at me as I got off the bench and made my way to his room. I grabbed the ketchup and started walking back to the kitchen. As I walked down the hallway, I heard Harry say something to Niall. I froze as I listened.

"Nialler, what do you think about Dylan?"

Then a pause before Niall replied. "Dylan? She's my best friend. Hot, but I look at her like my annoying little sister."

I wrinkled my nose when Niall said I was hot.

Harry didn't say anything and Niall continued. "Why are you asking me this?"

"I-I don't know. I mean, maybe..." He trailed off.

"Maybe what Styles?" Niall asked sharply.

"Maybe, I think... I think I might like her." He said softly, nearly a whisper. "I mean she's hot and really fit and we get along great."

I stood there and my eyes widened. He liked me? How?! My mind was now racing in different directions as I tried to digest the fact that... Harry might like me! I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard Niall's voice.

"Dude," He laughed. "This is just perfect."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked his best friend.

"Okay well you didn't hear it from me, but that girl is so in love with you, it's ridiculous." Niall said, almost jokingly.

I turned red all of a sudden, even though the boys couldn't see me. Niall!! I screamed in my mind. That son of a bitch! I covered my face with my hands as swear words started to fill my head.

Harry chuckled. "Sorry?" He asked.

"Yup," Niall said. "So whenever you want to make a move, go for it." 

Niall turned the corner and saw me standing there, listening to their conversation. His eyes widened as a grin played across his face.

I shook my head at him angrily. "Don't say a word!" I hissed at him but he ignored me.

"Dylan!" He shouted, "Have you been here all along listening to Harry and me?" He said loudly and sarcastically.

I glared at him in pure anger. Hasn't he done enough embarrassing me for one day? I looked over to see Harry standing there emotionless.

I coughed, face turning red. "Erm, I'm just going..." I stuttered and walked past them, directly towards the living room while Harry stood there, obviously knowing that I knew that he knew that I liked him and that I knew he might like me. 

I heard Niall smirk and I turned and gave him the finger before joining the other boys who were playing a video game.

"Sooooo! What's going on with Haz?" Louis took his eyes away from the TV and winked at me.

I looked at him. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Come on Dyl, we all heard their little conversation over there." He grinned at me and Liam turned around and nodded.

"So true!" Zayn called out, eyes glued on the screen.

"We hear he might have the same feelings too." Louis nudged me and I slowly sunk into my seat and took my phone out pretending to be interested in something.

"Come on Dylan! Nothing to be ashamed of. We're all friends here." Liam winked.

My face turned red and hot as I blushed and shook my head at them. This was so embarrassing!

I saw from the corner of my eye that Harry was coming towards me. I knew things weren't going to be as they were before. I didn't even know if I could talk to him after what Niall said. He sat right next to me on the couch and grabbed my phone from me.

"Hey!" I shouted trying to grab the phone from him but he held it above his head. 

"What are you looking at that's so interesting?" He grinned and I rolled my eyes.

"None of your business Styles." I snapped trying to climb over him and grab my phone. He held his hand out and pushed me away.

Louis whistled as the rest of the boys laughed. I glared at them and they returned to their game.

Harry looked at the screen and laughed. "Fruit Ninja? Really Dylan?" 

I groaned. "I was about to beat my high score." I tried snatching the phone from his hands but he held it up high. 

"Say you love me first." He winked at me. "We all know you do."

I got up. "You're so full of it Harry! Whatever, I didn't need it anyways. I'm going to get ready for tonight." I said annoyed and Harry smirked at me.

"Can't wait," He winked and I rolled my eyes.

I walked through the kitchen where I saw Niall stuffing his face with a packet of crisps.

"I hate you." I said to him and he laughed.

"I was only doing it for you Dyl. He needed to know."

I gave him the finger before heading to my room.

Niall could be so annoying sometimes. I mean I love him but he was like an annoying big brother to me. We'd been friends since we were 5 and we were so close. I couldn't stay mad at him. And besides, I now knew that Harry might have feelings for me. I couldn't help but feel more attracted to him than ever.

I quickly hopped in the shower while singing to a Miley Cyrus song. I couldn't wait till tonight with the boys, especially Harry.

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