Kiss Me Slowly

I was best friends with Niall Horan and was like a little sister to the rest of the boys in One Direction. But that was it. A little sister. That was all he would see me as. He as in the curly haired one. The one with the dimples and the four nipples. He as in the guy I'm in love with.


21. For Now It's Goodbye

Dylan's POV

I was so over Harry's issues with not being able to say no to any girl. I was so tired of getting screwed over by him and I was just done. I ran out of the hotel and didn't know where to go. I decided to go to the airport and buy a ticket back to Dublin. 

My eyes stung from my tears and I needed to get out of here. I just needed to leave and get back to reality. I've been living in the famous lifestyle for too long and I was so sick of it. I needed to just go to university and live my own life instead of falling for someone who I thought was different. But it turns out he's just like every other celebrity jerk out there.

As I got in the cab, my phone rung. It was Niall.

I cleared my throat. "Hello?" I said, trying to sound like I wasn't crying.

"Dyl, are you gonna come join our soccer game?" Niall asked quite cheerfully. "Jadyn's here as well!"

"Um..." I stammered. "Niall, I'm going back home."

There was silence on the phone before Niall continued. "Wait what Dyl? What do you mean home?"

"I mean Dublin home, I'm leaving." I replied, wiping the tears from my eyes.

I heard a load of murmuring and rustling before he said something. "What!" He cried out. "Dylan you can't leave! Why are you leaving?!"

I took a deep breath. "I broke up with Harry, Niall. He cheated on me with some girl from the club last night and I got accepted into Harvard. I guess I'm just moving on with my life. You didn't expect me to stay with you for the whole tour did you?" I tried to act really pulled together when honestly, I was breaking inside.

"You can't leave Dyl" He said softly, on the other end. "You're like my sister. It wouldn't be the same without you."

"I'm sorry Niall." I said nearly as soft as a whisper. "Just don't lose Jadyn ok? Don't do what Harry did and push her away. She's a keeper."

"Dylan" He whispered through the phone. I could hear him sniffing as he tried not to cry. "Don't leave ok?"

"Sorry Niall, but I um... have to go... I love you ok? And don't forget to come see me when you come home." I tried my best to sound as happy as I could. But I was so sad hearing Niall like this.

"Bye Niall" I said before hanging up.


Niall's POV

I was in the change rooms of the stadium on the phone to Dylan while the boys and Jadyn were outside playing soccer. I didn't want Dylan to go. I was in tears as I sat on the bench. 

"Bye Niall" She said and then the phone disconnected. 

"No" I whispered as I put my phone down and wiped my tears.

Dylan was the first person I told when the boys and I announced our tour. I remember being so excited and us talking about it. It was my idea for her to come on tour with me, but I didn't realise that it would turn out this fucked up.

I can't believe Harry cheated on her. He really seemed so in love with her and now, he's the reason she's leaving. This is all his fault. I quickly texted him.

Harry ur girlfriend is at the airport and she wants to leave. She got into Harvard. I know what u did so if u really love her, then go after her...

I stood up and punched my fist into the lockers. "Argh!" I yelled and the door opened.

"Niall?" I heard Jadyn's voice. "Niall! What's wrong?" She comforted me.

"D-Dylan's leaving..." I stammered. "My best friend is leaving us all because of fucking Harry!" I started to get really worked up as I pounded my fist on the locker again.

"Niall..." Jadyn said softly, rubbing her hands in circles around my back. "Babe, please calm down."

I shook my head. "I'm sorry Jade, it's just I can't be without Dylan. She's like my best friend, we've been dreaming about this life for so long."

"Niall, even if she leaves, she's still your best friend. That's not going to change. But you're on tour with your 4 brothers and that's what should matter. They're the ones you're experiencing this whole journey with." She kissed me on the cheek. "We all love Dyl, but maybe it's time for her to live her own life you know?"

I nodded slowly. "I'm sorry for losing my temper. It's just, I'll miss her"

She smiled. "I understand, don't worry. I'm here ok?"


Harry's POV

When I got Niall's text, I knew that he was mad at me. But I couldn't believe Dylan was leaving. This was all my fault! I grabbed my coat and keys before driving straight to the airport. I probably got a lot of tickets because I think I sped through all the cameras. 

I parked the car and ran inside. I looked at the departure times to Dublin. There was 1 flight. 2:45pm. Right now it was 2:35pm. 
I ran straight to the nearest counter. 

"Can I get a ticket for one person to Dublin on the earliest flight please?" I asked the lady, in a rush.

She took her time as she typed away into her computer.

I tapped my fingers impatiently. "Can you please hurry up, I'm kinda in a rush here..." 

She glared at me before handing me my ticket and saying "My daughter's a huge fan but now I see how rude you are." She shook her head.

I turned and ran to the gate without time to even roll my eyes. I needed to go see Dylan.

Before I got to the gate, I had to pass immigration where I walked through the metal detectors. I groaned to myself. I got a few gasps and looks from girls and a few fans tried to stop me.

"It's Harry Styles!" a little girl shrieked before looking up at me. "Are you chasing Dylan Madden because you cheated on her and you want her back?" She asked me innocently.

I looked at her weirdly. How would a little girl know this...

I give her a little smile and answer "Yeah, yeah I am. She really is special to me." before quickly taking a picture with her and running to the gate.

When I got there, there was only a few people lining up. They were the last few people. I gasped for air from running that hard before scanning my eyes for Dylan.

My eyes widened when I spotted her handing her ticket over to the lady. She looked broken and her eyes looked tired from crying. But still, she looked perfect to me.

"Dylan!" I called out and ran to her.

She looked at me. "Harry? W-what?" She looked confused as she stood aside.

"Dylan" I took a deep breath. "Dyl, please don't go ok? Look I made a terrible mistake and I know now, even though it's too late! I know what I did! Please, please forgive me." I took her hand. "Look, I've never felt this way about someone before and to be honest, I was just scared that I would get hurt. I know I shouldn't blame you for what happened to my mum but I did. And I'm sorry!"

She looked down without saying a word so I continued.

"You cared about me and stood by me through everything, and I hurt you. I know that. And I'm sorry. I guess..." I trailed off. "I guess I'm just asking for a second chance. Please...Please Dylan"

I stopped, waiting for her to say something. Anything.

She sighed and finally opened her mouth. "Harry, I really loved you. I stood by you through everything and forgave you when you hurt me. But... but, what you did last night, that was just different. And I really thank you for your apology, but maybe we just weren't meant to be." She said softly.

"We are meant to be Dyl" I tilted her chin up. "You and I together, we're like nothing I've ever felt before. I-I love you"

She wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath. "Harry, I'll always love you as a friend, but I-I don't love you that way anymore..." She whispered to me. "I'm sorry. I have to live my own life now. I have to finish school, I'm not a famous rockstar like you."

I looked at her, eyes starting to water as she continued. "You're living the dream." She tried to laugh. "Enjoy it because you deserve it. And take care of yourself ok? Tell Niall I'll miss him."

I shook my head. "Dyl, please" I whispered as my voice started to crack. "Please please don't leave me." I begged.

She took another deep breath and dried her tears again. "I have to Harry. Maybe we'll see each other again one day and you can tell me about your busy life. But right now, I belong back home with my family. And I hope your mum will get better soon." She paused. "Till then, I guess it's goodbye for now Harry"

I put my hands on my face as I tried to stay calm. But I just wanted to yell out. Yell out that I wanted another chance even though I mightn't deserve it. I wanted to yell out that I still am deeply in love with her after everything we've been through. 
But I guess I had to let her go for now. She had to continue her own life. Who am I kidding? She wasn't going to tour with us forever. She had to eventually move back home.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking past the gate without looking back.

I could still feel her kiss on my cheek as I whispered once she left "Goodbye Dylan."


Writing this chapter actually made me cry :') I hope you guys have some tissues near you. Well, I guess you think it's over between Dylan and Harry ey? It's not over yett...... Keep reading and commenting! 

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