Don't Forget Me


1. Chapter 1

[Sadie's POV]

Hello I'm Sadie. I write songs for One Direction. I actually just started writing songs for them a couple days ago. I also love to write poems. I have cancer but no one knows about that except me and my mom. My dad is dead but I don't like talking about it. I honestly have a year left before cancer kills me so I'll try to live it up with the boys of One Direction. I'm hanging with the boys right now, there all messing around but I'm trying to write a song.

[Zayn's POV]

Sadie. What can I say? She's actually really nice! She doesn't freak out when she talks to us so that makes her cool. She has a good sense of humor and she's short. She is really adorable though and I think I might actually have a little crush on her.

"Zayn..." She says waving her hand in front of me.

"Yeah?" I say coming out of my thoughts.

"Why were you staring at me?" She asks.

"Ohhhh..... Erm....." I begin but then Harry says, "Ohhhhh Zayn do you have a little crush on Sadie?"

I look at Sadie and she acts like she didn't hear that. I wonder why. "Nope." I say and I hear her let out a sigh of relief. Weird. Does she not want me to like her?

"Food here!" I hear Louis shout and all the boys go running out of the room.

"What if I do like you?" I ask her.

She looks up at me, "Don't fall in love me with." She says quietly and then she walks out of the room.

I act like that was no big deal, "You won't have to worry about that!" I shout.

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