The Boy with the Blue Eyes

Meet Jamie Levy. Just your ordinary city girl in California. Until problems pop up with her brother, Josh. What happened to Josh? What's the real reason he didn't come? Find out in "The Boy with the Blue Eyes"


1. What's wrong?

It was another Friday  morning. Except today wasn't just any Friday. Today was the first day of my family's camping trip. I wish I could just hide in my cocoon of blankets for the rest of summer.

"Do I have to go?" I tiredly asked my mom before clumsily getting up and out of bed.

"Yes, Jamie, you know this means a lot to your father. Now get up!" she said, and threw a pillow to my face.

I did as told and took a shower. I got dressed in a pair of black sweat pants that said 'eat me' on the bum, and a loose fitting shirt. I tied my wavy, dirty blonde hair in a messy bun and put on some vans and went downstairs. There was a stack of blueberry pancakes, and orange juice waiting for me on the dining room table. Mmm..blueberry. I swear, if I put my mind to it, I could easily eat 4 stacks of my mom's blueberry pancakes! I immediately dug in, occasionally looking up to the hustle and bustle of my dad taking camping equipment out to the car. He wasn't in his usual happy mood, which surprised me. especially because we were going camping.

I finished my orange juice, washed my dish, and headed for the couch. My dad was there, sitting forward with his arms on his legs in a thinking position. I sat down next to him, but he barely payed any attention to me.

"Dad? Are you okay?" I worriedly asked him. That's when I noticed my brother, Josh, was nowhere to be seen. "And where’s Josh?"

"The problem is Josh.." he said back, rather upset. 

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