Too young

Jamie-lee and Niall were neighbourhood sweetheart at the age on 12, But
when Jamie's dad got a promotion in the big city, the ship up and move leaving Niall
brokenhearted... But when they are re-united 16 years later, or will Niall be to busy to "fall in love."


2. The kiss

Walking to the picnic table, Niall reached down and carefully slid his hand into Jamie's making a love grip, she stopped and turned to him, grabbing his other hand and pulling him in she puckered, Niall grinned, leant in and... 

Jamies POV

As he leant in, I moved my head into his chest, so he kissed my forehead

The pulling her hands out of the grip she skipped away

"You are such a tease" he shouted 

Jamie just looked back, shrugged her shoulders and grinned,

She put her hand out and waited for him to give up and hold hands

As they walked back to their food, Jamie's little sister Marcy snuck up and pushed in-between both of them, and Niall turned his head and kissed MARLEY on the cheek, she then giggled and ran away. 

" I'm so sorry babe I didn't know" Niall said apologetically 

"It's okay she's only 10, it's okay"

Niall POV

"When can we... Do it" he asked Jamie 

"How about now," she said as she turned once more, he leant in a kissed Jamie on the lips, passionately, like they had kissed a million times before, as she pulled away he pulled her back in for one last kiss then grabbed his hand and pulled away

Jamie POV

That was amazing she thought to herself it made her feel so weak, no one had ever made her feel that way before, she had been with only 4 boys but Niall, well Niall he was definitely THE ONE, he made her happy, weak, proud to be 12, and happy to be in the safe hands of Niall, he BOYFRIEND 




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