Too young

Jamie-lee and Niall were neighbourhood sweetheart at the age on 12, But
when Jamie's dad got a promotion in the big city, the ship up and move leaving Niall
brokenhearted... But when they are re-united 16 years later, or will Niall be to busy to "fall in love."


1. The beginning


this isn't a diary but I'm gonna add dates in the start so you know where I'm headed okay


April 1989

"NIALL!","NIALL get your butt out here I have to tell you something!?" yelled Jamie-lee.

"WHAT!!" Yelled Niall sarcastically  

Niall walked halfway towards Jamie then stopped

"1 2 3 GO" they yelled together, then ran into each others arms, Niall lifting Jamie up and spinning her.

At the age of 10 nails family moved to Portland and soon fell in young love with the Irish neighbour Niall.

Being Irish, had always made Jamie flushed.

"So what did you want to tell me... Darl?" Niall asked

Leaning in she whispered "I missed you,"

then got up and walked away, turning her head back then grinning.


"Why are you so irresistible" Niall asked, chasing Jamie up the side of the Beaumont river

"I guess it just runs in the family" she joked before running off together.

While running towards Jamie she had this look 


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