She must kill before she loves

Its my first strory no hate! please

009 That's my name and i think its time we find out just a little bit more about Daddy Direction as they call him because hes not all you think he is or is he?

The question is will he make it out alive or not??


3. The elevator

Jasmine POV

Okay Alexis listen to me they will probably think we are crazy and never talk to us and then we can’t get close to them now what do we do arrgh god I hate you sometimes!

Chill was all she said. There was a knock on the window and we both jumped it was uhh the parking guy, Ladies please move or I’ll have to give you a ticket. Sorry officer we are leaving.

While driving home we didn’t speak just sat in silence… Awkward silence or there was some tension. I don’t know what got into her I actually thought she would have been all happy and excited about it but she seemed pissed off…

J; Are you okay bub?

A; yeah I’m fine just thinking about how we can get close to them because ya know we seem all creepy and stuff.

J; I have a good idea but we need to go to headquarters right now

We headed to the headquarters and we saw Mr Dargee (Dar-gay that’s how it’s said) he so weird and anyway we spoke to him about getting a room close to the boys and he said he would arrange it with the management at the hotel and would report back to us in a few hours

Niall’s POV

Those girls I just can’t get what she said out of my head it was like she was there and her voice just played in my head and it didn’t leave, “Or maybe he did hear something…” “Or maybe he did hear something…” as we were all driving back to the hotel I sat there thinking about what had happened I actually was starting to think these girls new more about us then we did but I’m sure there not fans they just didn’t act like it anyway the boys where all talking and being weird as usual, Liam a was driving Louis called shotgun harry on the window Zayn in the middle and me on the window.

Liam’s POV

Something was wrong niall was just staring out the window usually he’s laughing or talking and I can’t understand why he so upset but I guess after all the mocking of him he would be, I might talk to him later and say I’m sorry cause I can’t see one of my mates upset but it was funny walking in on him. I’m glad he actually put on underwear

Alexis’s POV

After heading to headquarters we waited for about 20 min until Mr Dargee came out and said when you arrive go straight up tell them your name and you will get your room key go to your room heres a credit card it has 500,000 go out get some nice clothes and anything else have fun report back in 3 weeks alright leave goodbye.

He wasn’t in the best mood so we left without saying anything and found the car it was a was a Maybach Landaulet (it’s a real car) it was so beautiful and crystal white and black it was amazing the car ride there was so fun we had music going the wind was in our faces and it was so fun god I love jasmine… Sometimes

When we arrived at the hotel I looked around for the service desk to check in when the one and only One Direction walk in and walk over towards us Jasmine rolled her eyes and said 009 they are in the building and we checked in and went straight to the elevator, waited for the elevator when the elevator doors open Liam said hold the doors jasmine kept pressing the close button and when the boys finally got in she scrunched up her face and looked and me while I just shrugged my shoulders

We had to go up seven floors and for the first two it was awkward and the niall said you are the girls from nandos and then the boys all looked at me I said “so you were checking me out” the boys all gave a little laugh and niall blushed “well maybe I was” I tried my hardest not to blush

 I then introduced us I’m Alexis and this is my friend was jasmine just as we arrived on our floor the boys got out as well they said well I guess we will being seeing a lot more of you niall gave me a wink and jasmine and zayn where flirting and didn’t notice what was going on and they asked us to go out for dinner with them or we could order in. I told them that we would eat in cause we could get to know each other better.

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