She must kill before she loves

Its my first strory no hate! please

009 That's my name and i think its time we find out just a little bit more about Daddy Direction as they call him because hes not all you think he is or is he?

The question is will he make it out alive or not??


10. Short but Sweet

Small authors note

Hello guys I just wanna say thanks for reading I will make sure I post again tomorrow night and make it really long please enjoy and this Is actually a really long chappy so yeah

Hope you like it xx

Alexis POV

I knew my mission was not to kill him, but to find out information. Because Simon had told us he had found drugs in their bags and he had to know so we were looking for drugs.



NAME/S: Alexis Porror, Jasmine Tembel

Assassination, Investigation: Investigation

Mission description; two teenage girls to investigate a drug haul on 5 boys, in the boy band One Direction. Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan & Zayn Malik. This was not an assassinations no ammunition was to be used unless needed. This INVESTIGATION was to be confidential between Simon Cowell, Mark dargee, Alexis Porror & Jasmine tembel.


The mission description was short but sweet and I liked it. It was easy. A mission sheet was handed to us and was also in text if it was needed.

Jasmine called my name and we left not forgetting that the boys also had asked us to dinner jasmine and I went to the stylist and got ready.

They first did our makeup it was natural and sweet. Jasmine had a natural foundation on with just a winged eyeliner and mascara and a light pink lip gloss , as for me I went for a natural Smokey eye and natural foundation with a deep red lipstick to make it POP.

Jasmines hair was dyed back to ginger and with blonde high lights and styled straight., mine went from light brown to black with light brown ombre/dip dyed in it and styled curled away from my face to frame it.

My dresses was skin tone flowing long in the back and shorter in the bottom it was strapless with a diamonds underneath my chest, my shoes where heels diamonds just like on my dress.

Jasmines was short and tight with the sides cut out it was dark sea blur with a white strap over on shoulder and it fit perfect and her shoes where high heels like mine but black to match her dress.


Liam’s POV

We arrived at the girls apartment and the door was slightly left open and we walked in the whole apartment was trashed and things where destroyed I walked into alexis room to see a suitcase full of guns and smoke bombs and army type stuff. I called out to zayn in a worried voice he quickly ran in and said I found something to.

We looked at each other and wondered who these girls were?

About 2 minutes later the girls barged in and we looked at them their faces changed from smiling and laughing to Wtf happened. I looked at Alexis she said what happened? Sounding confused and worried. We looked at them and said you tell us and we won’t call the police about all the guns. I folded my arms with sass.

Liam what guns?

The ones in YOUR room, are you like murderers.

What are you talking about are you on crack?

I went into my room and jasmine and I looked at us and I knew who it was instantly, I freaked out on the inside while I said I was going to call the police but I called my boss Mr Dargee

Mr D, hello Alexis is everything alright

Lex, Hello I would like to report a break-in, in my apartment 32 lion street Apartment 56. There are guns and ammunition everywhere.

Mr D, I will send people over soon and get it cleaned up has any of the boys seen it.

Lex, thank you and yes.

*beep beep beep*

The call was ended and I texted him


Mr D yes Liam and Zayn found the room this way, something has been stolen. It’s the disk we need that back to prove that Garrets innocent, Maya has been here I know it she has been known to do this to our government please wait until I tell you to send the boys over.

Mr Dargee

The boys are downstairs at the doors, its Brandon and Tyler so just give them a tip and that is the signal they know the room, okay thanks.

Zayns POV

Hey guys let’s not worry about this right now Liam the girls have no freakin idea what is going on why don’t we go out and have a good night we can send someone to clean the room, Liam and I will get the car and you girls go and ask if the suite can be cleaned

They nodded in reply.

 Liam and I went off to get the car and the girls took their time to come down stair and ask someone. I didn’t really know what to think so I asked Liam.

Hey bud, do you really think those guns where the girls?

Zayn I honestly don’t know, I just don’t want to be killed by them.

Liam’s POV

I saw the girls and I to be honest I only just saw how they had changed their hair and how beautiful they are.

I looked at zayn and pointed out the hair change, he said omg we didn’t even say anything, but we accuse them of something we are definitely getting no action tonight. I laughed at zayns comment

As I got out of the car and helped them both in, I said I love what you girls have done with your hair it’s beautiful. Aww thanks li li  they both replied.

We sat there talking listening to the music as we arrived at the restaurant zayn and I helped the girls out and the paps where asking question and taking snaps of us and the girls I held Alexis hand tight in my grasp and she kept her head down and that’s what jasmine did as well.

As we got in the restaurant we got our table at the back and sat down the two girls ordered a lemonade each and zayn got a beer and I got a coke.

Nialls POV

I laid in my bed thinking about the night I heard to girls talking about killing Liam then all of a sudden these two girls come into our life and when we talk about stuff like the concert when we saw them they change the subject

So that afternoon I went over to their apartment hoping I would find something.. I heard “Those basted I now have it them in MY POWER I hope they are happy with my successes those little assassins are gonna be the ones that end up dead”

Dead? I didn’t even bother going in I just left the apartment and came home

That moment my stomach grumbled and I thought about going and getting some food, instead I just called room service since I was all alone. Louis was out with El, Liam and Zayn with Alexis and Jasmine and harry with is new girl Taylor I really like her I hope they stay together because they are seriously cute, I really wish I had a girl I could take on tour or have with me all the time.

As I called room service and asked for some chicken platers and the man on the phone replied

Chilli, sweet chilli, mustard, old roasted, grilled, baked, barbeque, pesto, horseradish cream, peanut sauce, mango sauce, classic butter sauce or garlic wine.

I will take a serving of all please and 3 bottles of wine,

Okay sir, what’s your name and room

My name is Niall Horan room 569

Thank you should be long now Mr Horan.

Jasmine’s POV

We arrived and sat down our drinks had arrived so we decided to order I ordered a mango and steak salad, Zayn ordered a Burger and Liam ordered the same but with a salad and Alexis ordered a Pasta dish.

After we ordered zayn thanked our server and he left with a smile, we started talking about what the boys got up to on tour and how many girls harry had been with but this new girl Taylor and him seem to be getting pretty close just then our meal came out once again the boys thanks the waitress and she left seeming pleased with herself.

We all ate with a silence but conversations between mouthfuls, we had all finished and the boys asked us how dinner was I thought it was amazing and Alexis must have as well.

 We started talking again about anything that really came out zayn had told us a story about Liam and how he took a piece of Nialls chicken and niall got revenge by buying packets of spoons and when he was sleeping he put them all around his room all over the floor and the walls.

Alexis and I were in fits of laughter from what the boys had done.

Just then Alexis got a text from somebody.

Niall :)

Hiya I want you and Liam to come home so we can have some dirty sex babe.

Alexis showed Liam the text and he did a spit take and it sprayed all over zayns face,

Zayn stood up and said okay I think it’s time to leave while Lexi and I sat there laughing at how Liam had just spat all over Zayn’s face.


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