She must kill before she loves

Its my first strory no hate! please

009 That's my name and i think its time we find out just a little bit more about Daddy Direction as they call him because hes not all you think he is or is he?

The question is will he make it out alive or not??


9. Jarmai

Simon’s POV

Jarmai she was so pretty and beautiful my first girlfriend my first kiss my first love oh how she made my heart melt. Her smile was crystal white, her hair beautiful and brown, Oh and the way she laughed would make anyone want her. She was mine, all mine

I felt a small tear escape my eyes and tremble down my face as I thought about my love. She had fallen into the wrong crowd at a young age and we just fell apart. Weeks went by without talking then months and I found myself in a bad place.

People assumed she was dead or running on the streets, her parents didn’t talk to her she didn’t talk to me I just assumed something had happened or she had found someone better but I would never have thought that this could be her daughter.

I sat in my car looking at a photo of her and I when we were 16, we both looked so happy together. I hate myself for not doing anything. The tear kept falling down my face as I kept driving as I then arrived at my office I cleaned myself up and walked in



Okays its really short I know I will post again soon

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