She must kill before she loves

Its my first strory no hate! please

009 That's my name and i think its time we find out just a little bit more about Daddy Direction as they call him because hes not all you think he is or is he?

The question is will he make it out alive or not??



Jasmine’s POV

We heard him coming out and we both looked around to see if we could hide behind anything or under there was nothing so we both jumped up.. Swiftly jumping into the roof which was broken a bit. The boys must have come in while niall was talking

Liam’s POV

We walked in on niall in his underwear screaming “WTF IS GOING ON! YOUR NOT GONNA TOUCH LIAM OR ANYONE!”

He looked at us and we burst into laughter while niall just stood there awkwardly..

“Niall? Who the hell are you talking to? And why are you in your nickers? Harry asked still trying to control his laughter

“uhhh there was somebody in here going to kill you Liam!!”

“oh niall little niall and get dressed we are going to nando’s”

“Yum lets go”

"Niall are you forgetting about something”

"NO! oh wait yeah 2 minutes”

**At Nandos**

Harry’s POV

When we got to nando’s the boys and I sat in a stall and two really hot girls sat in the one next to us.. We where all checking them out when we relised they where fans and decided not to say anything.

H: So niall who where those two girls in your dressing room

N: I don’t know I swear I heard somebody

Li: I think you are just hearing things don’t worry it’s probably nothing

Alexis’s POV

Listen we nearly got caught maybe we be more careful next time. This is a really good mission i dont want to stuff it up on our first day.

Okay yeah they don’t know who we are but I just hoped they didn’t try and talk to me or jasmine just cause if they did I might end up being nice to the people I may have to kill. I’m not the type of person who has many emotions but when I do it’s terrible but I have learnt to control them and not get attached to anyone because bad things happen.. Bad things happen

J: This whole situation is going to be fine, he looked like he was meant to be in the metal home he was yelling at nothing. They never saw us so don’t worry and if they did do you think we would be here at all??

A: yeah well I hope everything will be fine because what happens if he did see us or there was a security tape, and no we would probably be with the police.. Anyway do you want to get going?

J:Sure but don’t say anything I can see your little mind plotting a plan right now!

A: ohh jasmine you know me too well..

J: Don’t you dare

** Alexis turns and faces boys**

N: I don’t know I swear I heard somebody

Li: I think you are just hearing things don’t worry it’s probably nothing

A: Or maybe he did hear something…

** walks away**

Zayn’s POV

Damm the way she said that and leant over on the table, it gave me goose bumps.. Ohh dam. Ohh wait I know her she was at our concert tonight Liam said she was pretty cute but after hearing her say that is even more..

Jasmine’s POV

How could she! I mean is she that fucking stupid that she said that maybe they might belive him and then were screwed like I’m serious am going to kill her ARRGH!!


“Jazz listen they will just think we are creepy fans so don’t worry about it girl you need to chill


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