She must kill before she loves

Its my first strory no hate! please

009 That's my name and i think its time we find out just a little bit more about Daddy Direction as they call him because hes not all you think he is or is he?

The question is will he make it out alive or not??


7. fun nights

Liam’s POV

I kissed her.. I really kissed her. It was perfect it felt like nothing not like any of the other girls I have kissed or been with she was perfect. Then Louis had to ruin it by making a big fuss ohh god im gonna have a word with the boy later


Louis POV

OMG LIAM AND LEXI!! They would be cute as the boys must know right now and we must get them together right now they have to be the cutesiest thing ever they were snogging isn’t that a bit… unliampayne I though he was the daddy the innocent one obviously not!

I ran down the hall to our room, just when Liam called my name so I went and I told them they all burst out laughing Liam then came running in panting like heck and looked at me that’s when harry jumped on his bed and started screaming LIAM AND LEXI!! LIAM AND LEXI!! LIAM AND LEXI!! Everyone was saying Liam’s face was red then I noticed he was staring at the door that’s when we all stopped when Lexi and jasmine where at the door looking at us…

Jasmine’s POV

I heard someone scream something and then running I walked out the see Alexis sitting there like nothing happened she then told me I was proud she wasn’t usually like that with a guy she was more reserved but I think she only did it for the mission..

I heard yelling coming from the boys rooms so we walked in there, Liam saw us Louis was jumping on the bed with harry screaming LIAM AND LEXI!! LIAM AND LEXI!! LIAM AND LEXI!! Niall was on the floor laughing and zayn was looking at me with a smirk on his face. That’s when the other boys noticed us too and stooped straight away.

Alexis POV

Okay so we stood there is was actually funny watching them teasing liam because when they saw us their faces dropped. I then went and sat on liams lap and jazzy went and sat with zayn

Alexis: boys carry on it was funny watching liam all embarrassed it’s cute

Harry: bout we go to sleep he said awkwardly

Niall and Louis agreed and went straight into the bedrooms I grabbed liams hand he just looked at me and smiled he then whispered in my ear “let’s have some fun” I looked at him with a grin and felt him go hard underneath me, liam lets do this somewhere else

Liam and I walked into my room thank god it was sound proof we just started kissing at first and then turned into a make out sesh and then it got pretty heated he started pulling my clothes off and kissing down my neck leaving little love bites then the fun really started


*The next morning*

Alexis POV

After the wonderful night liam and I had he woke me up and said I have rehearsals but I will see you tonight and he left but not without kissing me. Jasmine came in and said well that was a fun night seeing zayn leaving just now.

“Ohh I see what you mean” I said with a wink

Jasmine’s POV

We need to find out a little more about all of them, this person wants information not us telling them how good the sex is okay now when they leave we will search the room and collect stuff that’s important.

“Got it” alexis replied

I looked at her and smile we waited about an hour to make sure no one was gonna come back for anything alexis had takin a shower so had I and we had got dressed and had something to eat when we were going into their room I got a text from zayn saying


Hey beautiful liam and I are gonna take you and lex out for dinner to a fancy restaurant pick you up at 7

Xx zayn

I showed lexi and she looked happy was she actually starting to like liam, ohh well they are pretty cute and funny and smar.. No jasmine cut it out you’re here for one thing to do the job and leave.. We looked through the apartment nothing not a single thing nothing.


Zayn’s POV

When we were on our way to rehearsals liam said to me how bout we take the girls out for dinner, he is the best when it comes to ideas and girls (weird.. joking) but I really would love to get to know them better is was like they knew everything about us and we knew nothing about them which I didn’t like so hopefully they might tell us a little more.

We finally arrived at the stadium after a few songs management sent us for lunch and I texted jaz

 Hey beautiful liam and I are gonna take you and lex out for dinner to a fancy restaurant pick you up at 7

Xx zayn

I told liam and hopefully he booked a nice place and I hope the girls like it


Alexis POV

Zayn texted jaz and I was so excited about dinner. But I knew I had to focus on the mission and get information like jasmine said I couldn’t stand to fail at this mission.

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