Sway sway

My name is kaycia. I live in a old tattered house with my mum not knowing where my dad is. He left my mum when I was 1 and I never saw him again. I am a 15 year old teenage girl with lots of loving friends at school. I finished dinner with my mum and went outside for a walk because my tummy was upset. I heard a gunshot, my body automatically froze and my eyes scanned the area but no one was there. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach...........


3. not sure if dreaming..

Niall started the car and we were on the road again. Now I know that they won't kill me, and they were trying to protect me but who knows? Something could go wrong one day and I'm still kind of scared. What if I'm forced to marry one of them? What if they threaten to kill me if I don't marry one of them? My thoughts were interrupted about how cold I was. I was shivering so hard. "You're cold?" Harry questioned. I looked down feeling guilty for no reason and didn't answer him. He unplugged his seat belt and jumped in the back and I backed myself up in the corner of the van as far as possible. He wrapped a blanket over me looked in my eyes for a moment and jumped back in his seat. 



It's getting dark now and I was slowly falling asleep. I knew I would be stupid for thinking this but I'm giving them my trust to fall asleep and to wake up healthy and alive. I Haven't talked to them for long but I'm going to have to live with these guys for them to protect me so sooner or later I'm going to have to trust them. "Fine" my brain said and I proceeded to fall asleep.... 




I woke up to Harry sleeping next to me. I didn't mind that I thought it was kinda sweet. Niall was still driving and that got me thinking. Did he even get any sleep? Was he driving all night? Maybe because they're not human they can handle not sleeping for a long period of time. His driving was normal so I didn't worry too much. "Goodmorning" I remember Harry was next to me and I look at him. "Morning" I replied back and he smiled. He has such an amazing smile and it's like if you would look in his eyes you would die. I start thinking about my thoughts, this guys is cute. But not really, I just met him. But that usually happens to me, I think someone is cute but not so much, and when I get closer to them I think they're the most flawless person alive. Me and Harry were talking and talking and talking and Niall was a bit quiet. He would sometimes join in but he seemed shy so I could understand that. "You are a lovely lady" Harry said in his British accent. I could just imagine myself blushing a bit and Harry smiled again provoking me to smile. Our conversation was interrupted by the van window randomly smashing and Niall slammed the brakes. Nek minnit I am outside being carried by some random guy with black longish shortish ruffled sort of hair. 






The guy dropped me and put his hands on my shoulders and started heading for my neck. I scream and try to attack him back but again I'm weaker than an ant. He took off my jumper to reveal my tank top and pulled that up to reveal my stomach.  I started trying to shuffle away from him and making attempts to get up and run but that only made him scratch me with his sharp claws and that shit is painful, I moaned and cried and screamed and he scratched me on the neck and added extra marks on my stomach. Second after second they bled more and more and more and I was convinced again I was going to die. He headed for my neck again and out of nowhere Harry had knocked him out in under a second. How is he so fast and powerful? He grabbed my back and under my knees and carried me and ran straight to Niall. Niall scanned my body and opened his mouth to speak. "Heal her right now or she won't live" my heartbeat went insane after hearing that and i froze as Harry carried me. He carefully put me down and I curled up into a ball with my knees against my chest and my forehead touching my knees. "Please don't make this hard for me" Harry said with pity in his voice. "Please.. Just don't make it hurt" I replied to him sounding like I was about to die. He kneeled down to me and started whispering to me "you ask for the impossible" he finished laying me on the ground to heal not the scratches on my stomach, but now cuts. He began and i am going insane, screaming, yelling, swearing, crying, pleading. It was less painful than last time but that dosen't change the fact I would rather be brutally tourchured than deal with Harry's healing procedures. And a few seconds later I felt no more pain from the cuts and healing on my stomach. I immediately cover the wound on my neck with my hands to prevent anymore pain. He just pinned my arms to the ground and started all over again. I would actually rather jump in a pool of lemon juice with paper cuts all over my body and would still feel less pain than this. He again, finally stopped and looked me in the eye and kissed my cheek and picked me up to carry me again. 



Harry ran to Niall in under a second. "The van Is in a good condition it just needs the window repaired" I was still scared shitless and shaking. Harry looked down at me with a blank expression on his face and said nothing. We got in the van and continued to travel on the road and Harry stayed right by my side and I gave him the hint that I wanted to be in his arms and he got it. This is the best feeling of my life. A few hours later I'm still in his arms and the van screeched to a halt. "We're here" Niall said as we were hopping out the van. I hopped off the van along with harry and looked at the house and it was massive and beautiful with a sparkly clear blue lake behind it. The house was painted white and looked like a smallish mansion. But it's an amazing house. Niall opened the door and allowed us to enter and I entered first then Harry and Niall came in and closed the door. I saw 3 guys get off their phones and come towards us with blank expressions on their faces. I backed out remembering they were all demons. "Kaycia don't be scared" Harry said trying to support me. The 3 guys were all smiling when they introduced themselves. The one with brown eyes and a quiff spoke "I'm Zayn" he said with a comforting smile. Then the one with light brown longish hair spoke "I'm Liam" he said smiling politely and the last one spoke "I'm Louis" he said chuckling a bit. The Louis guy disappeared somewhere and nobody could see him anywhere. Suddenly, right behind me I heard heavy breathing and I turned around and Louis had red eyes. He opened his mouth to reveal his long and razor sharp fangs and evilly screamed. I backed away from him screaming and falling to the floor just like the way I did when the guy scratched me a few times and attempted to bite me. I held my hands against my head and looked down to defend myself. "Louis! You're such an idiot" Zayn yelled at me. Louis helped me up and spoke "I'm sorry it was just a little joke" he said hugging me. I didn't hug back because I was just too shocked on what just happened. "We're really sorry, Louis just likes to prank and joke around with people for fun" Niall said. "oh..." I said in a tiny voice. Louis still saw that I was terrified. "Kaycia we're here to protect you I promise I would never do any harm to you, all the boys don't mean harm either" he finished "I sighed with relief remembering that Harry said that in the car. We all sat on the couch with Harry sitting close to me but I liked it. There was just one problem. What if all of this is a coincidence and I'm just falling for him for nothing? 

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