Sway sway

My name is kaycia. I live in a old tattered house with my mum not knowing where my dad is. He left my mum when I was 1 and I never saw him again. I am a 15 year old teenage girl with lots of loving friends at school. I finished dinner with my mum and went outside for a walk because my tummy was upset. I heard a gunshot, my body automatically froze and my eyes scanned the area but no one was there. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach...........


1. Abduction

My name is kaycia, I am a 15 year old teen and I live with my mum unknowingly where my dad has been. He left my mum when I was 1 and I never saw or heard of him again. I live in a old, tattered two story house and I just finished having dinner with my mother. I pulled on a white hoody with some black skinny jeans and hi tops and told my mother I was going for a walk because my stomach was upset. I kissed her goodbye and she told me not to go too far. "I won't, bye" I replied to mum. I was walking through my street as the autumn breeze whirled through my hair and the sound of quiet apart from the crunches of leaves I step on makes me feel happy and comfortable. I suddenly heard a big bang, like the sound of a gun going off. I completly freeze my body and look around, but no one is there. I felt a big sharp pain in my stomach but didn't date to look down. I scanned the place and nobody was there, the pain got so painful I fell on my knees crying, screaming, pleading for help. Suddenly, out of no where a pair of strong hands carried me. I was vigiouroisly trying to kick and attack him to let me go but he just carefully placed me in the back of a van, got in the front seat with another person and started driving. The pain in my stomach was unbearable, I tried opening the front doors, they were glued shut. Problay to prevent me from jumping out T-T' I started coughing and then I finally gave up on everything. I knew I was going to die. I coughed up blood and this brown haired boy in the passenger seat looked at me. He had brown curly hair, green eyes, a nice jaw line and cute lips. The other guy, didn't really look back but he was wearing the same thing as the brown haired boy, a black jumper and black jeans. The only thing I saw was his blonde hair and blue eyes when he looked at the blonde haired boy. "Niall, you should problay heal that wound or she's going to die" i froze as the brown haired boy spoke. He has a accent? At least I think he does. My body is already half dead and I can't concentrate. I held my hand over the wound as it continued to gush out blood. So the blonde haired guy's name is Niall? Okay, I should remember that when I get time to escape and report him to the police. "Why don't you Harry? Can't you see I'm buisy driving?" And the brown haired boy's name was Harry... He sighed, unplugged his seatbelt and jumped in the back seat. He carefully stared in my eyes. "Everything will be okay, just please lay down okay?" He said in a soft voice. I had to admit.. This guy is cute, really cute. But I know he could be working for the guy that shot me, and I know that they are going to kill me wherever we go. "N...no" I said in a shaky voice. "Please.. Just lay down.." He said. I started to be a smartass and I shouted "you can't make me!" "Oh just watch me!" He said in a angry voice. He pinned my down against the car seat like I was paper. It was way too hard to fight back. I don't know what happened next but I felt something warm against my stomach and it was the worst pain I ever experienced in my life. I told him to stop and asked him what he was doing but that came out as choked cries.  I finally and clearly told him to stop, but he didn't and the pain was so unbearable I never screamed so loud in my life. Finally, he stopped and jumped back in the front seat. I pulled up my bloody hoodie, it was gone,, I started breathing heavily and trying to figure out how that was possible. Not even a scratch on my stomach, how did he do it? I pulled my hoodie down and backed myself up in the corner of the van. What pain are they going to put me through when they kill me? I started breathing heavily again and was shaking so much and I have never been so scared in my life. Something in the back of my head told me not to give up. So I thought of a plan to escape.... 

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