Onced Loved Forever Forgotten

Alyssa was such a strong girl (on the outside). She loves horses and owns three herself. She and her bestfriend Kaytlin absolutly love One Direction. One of the reasons her and Kaytlin are bestriends is because they have both been broken many times...and they both have come to the realization that they will never go to a concert let alone meet their inspirations...what will happen. youll have to read to find out.


1. A normal day.....

This is my first Movella so please take pity on me...




Alyssa had just woken up. After taking a quick shower she started her chores. Her daily chores consisted of feeding and watering her horses and dogs. After all the animals  were fed she walked back up to the house and took another, longer shower. By this time it was 8:30 so she started to wake up her two half sisters. Hailey and Alana. Of course they didnt wake up so she proceeded down the hall to her mom and stepdads bedroom. Alyssa had a nice house but she felt out of place there all the time. she knocked on the door and nobody answered so she just went back to her room.

Since today was Friday she didnt have work so it would be very quiet around the house. Like usual she laid on her bed bored as hell. She grabbed her Ipod and started scrolling through facebook. Halfway through she got a message. It was from Kaytlin


(Messages in bold)K: Heyy Gurly whatcha up to today

A: Nothing, its Friday remember i only work with Racheal Mon.-Thurs.

K: oh yeah, well than did you wanna come over we can listen to the radio and be bored together??

A: I'll ask...i dont know what mood Joey is in so....

K: mk just take your time...and dont make him mad

Alyssa laughed to herself and thought 'ill try'. She mad her way down the hallway once again only glancing int her sisters room. She knocked on her parents door hesitently. Her mother answered and Alyssa asked if she coud hang out at Kaytlins or the weekend.

The girls always planned on spending as much time together since Alyssa lives far out in the middle of know where and Kaytin lived in the City. Alyssa's mom finally gave in. She ran back to her room texted Kaytlin and started packing. She was in the middle of picking through her pajamas when her phone went off.

K: he make sure to bring all your One Direction Stuff and a cute outfit we might go to the mall. Also maybe the pool so bring you bathing suit to. k

A:okay im almost done are you on your way yet...??

K: yeah we are coming down the highway right now.

A:Mkay see you in a few


About ten minutes later they arrived. Kaytlin texted Alyssa that they were there and no more than 30 seconds later she was coming out the door. Kaytlin greeted her with a smile and a hug. once they were in the car they blasted the radio. They started singing to Little Mix's new CD, when something on the radio caught them by surprise.

Radio Announcer: Are you a Directioner? Have you never been to a One Direction concert? well than listen up. Call the number i will give after i count of from three and you will win an all expense paid trip to London three free Front row concert tickets with V.I.P pass and if you answer the secret question correctly you win an extra special prize. Now...call 1(800) 669-5539...in 3...2...1...GO GO GO.

Kaytlin and Alyssa  whipped out their phones and called. As it rang Kaytlin thought to herself...'please please let me win. Com'on lucky number 7.

Hellooo lucky numer 7. What is your name........


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