Onced Loved Forever Forgotten

Alyssa was such a strong girl (on the outside). She loves horses and owns three herself. She and her bestfriend Kaytlin absolutly love One Direction. One of the reasons her and Kaytlin are bestriends is because they have both been broken many times...and they both have come to the realization that they will never go to a concert let alone meet their inspirations...what will happen. youll have to read to find out.


2. A Miracle

The girls were in complete shock...Kaytlin was studdering she was so shocked.

Radio Announcer: What is your name lucky number 7?

Kaytlin: oh uh umm Kaytlin...Kaytlin Stevens

Radio Announcer: Okay well we just need to answer a few questions and a bonus question and than we can get you all set up...okay??

Kaytlin: okay...

Radio Announcer: okay first of all...have you ever been o a One Direction concert?

Kaytlin: No. No I have not,

Radio Announcer: Okay, now for youre bonus question.....you ready

Kaytlin: Yes, Sir

Radio Announcer: Okay youre bonus question is...and you have 20 seconds to answer this....What is all the boys of One directions Birthday.

Kaytlin: Harry's is February 1st, Zayn's is January 12th, Louis' is December 24th, Liam's is August 29th, and Niall's is September 13th.

Radio Announcer: Well lucky number 7......YOU WIN.....

All you could here was screaming frm the other line and groans coming from Kaytlins Dad.

Radio Announcer:okay okay...please stay on the line so we can set up the dates and get your information.

Kaytlin: okay.

One the announcer finished talking to her she covered the speaking part of the phone looked back to Alyssa, and they both started screaming again.

Skip the rest of the phone call....At Kaytlins house

Alyssa was helping Kaytin pack when she thought of something.

Alyssa: What if they dont let me go.

Kaytlin: Than ill beat up your stepdad and talk some sence into your mom.

Alyssa: im serious

Kaytlin: so am i.

Kaytlin turned to Alyssa and continued to talk.

:Why wouldnt they? I mean we are going to have money and supervision and its not like they do anything special for you. Alyssa you deserve this more than anybody i know. And im still in complete shock that this is actually happening. Here, you pick out another outfit for me and go through and see if theres aything you like and ill go talk to my dad okay?

Alyssa: okay and thanks

Kaytlins smiled and left the room to go talk to her dad

Kaytlin:hey daddy can i ask you a favor.

Kevin: sure whats up baby girl

Kaytlin: well Alyssa is really nervous that her parents are gonna say no. And we still need to get all her stuff cause Mr. cuttler( the radio announcer guy) said we leave in three days.

Kevin thought for awhile stood up grabbed a ciggarette and checked the date. kaytlin followed him outside and than he finally answered her.

We will go tomorrow and get all of her stuff ready and i also get paid tomorrow. I will talk to her parents. And if they say no....well Alyssa will just stay with us a few extra days.

He winked at her and she ran back in the house to tell Alyssa the plan.



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