This is called just jump (let me guess NO SHIT SHERLOC) well I was just repeating the name anyway. I have wrote this bout all the boys but mainly louis and his new lady-friend Amber.
love yoyu my sexy ninjas!!!! xx


5. Wedding Planning!!

Amber's p.o.v.


 Finally everyone is here. Me and Louis invitied everyone round so the boys can help him plan the tux stuff and work out the best man and that sort of stuff when me, perrie. danielle (friends with liam not dating) , eloise (Niall's Girlfriend) and Jessy (Harry's Girlfriend) are sorting out dresses, hair, make up and that sort of stuff. " right, I have already dicided on my maid of honor and it is my best friend since i was younger and her name is Abby. I was gonna pick one of u lot but I couldn't, that wouldn't be fair and plus we promised each other when we were younger that we would be each others maid of honrs!" "Kay!" the girls said in unison. We went to mine and Louis' room which we cleaned up after last night..... well ..... I cleaned up when Louis was in the shower. We went on my laptop to look and colours for bride-maid dresses suddenly I felt sick. I quickly passed the laptop to Danielle who was next to me and I ran to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet and Louis must of heard because with in seconds he was by my side outing my hair in a ponytail and rubbing my back. Then Liam came up with some water asked if I was fine which I nodded yes to and then he left leaving me and Louis. " What happened love?" I could hear the worry in his voice. " I don't know, 1 minute is was fine, then the next I didn't I guess." Which was the complete truth I had no idea.


Louis' p.o.v


 I really worried about Amber. She was just sick but she was fine this morning. "How about we try to go the morning and when everyone has left we go to the doctors, sound good to you love?" It was the first solution I could think of. " Okay, I will be down in a minute, just gonna brush my teeth." she said with a weak smile. I hope she is alright. I can't let my Mrs Tomlinson be ill. " Okay sweet don't be too long." I kissed her on her head and left.


Amber's p.o.v.


    I brushed my teeth and headed down stairs and sat next to Mr Tomlinson who immediately wrapped his arms round me and rested his head on mine and I leant in and wrapped my arms round him. I can tell he is worried about me. Any way it is probably just a flue or something.











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