Collar of the Wolf

Fr. John Dexter is a priest trying to do the Lord's work while living down the personal demons of his past. Private investigator Abigale O'Connor crosses paths with him while investigating a series of grisly murders. When the good detective notices signs pointing to the priest, he'll have to decide whether to trust her with his secrets or watch her be killed by forces beyond her understanding.


1. Prologue

A sixteen-year old John Dexter awoke surrounded by the blood and gore of his most recent kill.  Naked, toned, and shivering, he looked around himself.  There was more blood than usual, and larger pieces of flesh lay strewn about the field like chaff at harvest time.  "Christ," he muttered, "not again."  He pushed himself to his feet, wobbling slightly, but feeling rested for all of his unremembered nocturnal adventures.  Then he saw the hand.

Not chickens, he thought. Not chickens, not a deer...

His worst nightmare had come true.  He had hunted a human and feasted upon manflesh, bit by savory bit.  Gagging, he fell to his knees and wretched up his previous night's dinner.  He looked again at the hand.

Slender.  Shapely.  A woman's hand.  God, he thought, who was it?  Did I know her?  Then he noticed the ring.  And then he noticed the other bodies.

And then he wept.

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