She's Not Afraid

She's so afraid of falling in love.


1. Introduction

Jadyn's POV

Hi! I'm Jadyn Sunnie Henderson! I'm 19 and I'm crazy! I live in New York City!  I love art and singing! I play one sport, basketball! My bestie's are Amaya, Clarice, and Ashley (Amay, Clare, and Ash)! I love having fun and letting loose! 


Clarice's POV

Hi! I'm Clarice Elizabeth Mckinney! I'm 18 and I live in NYC! I'm pretty hyper! My friends are Clarice, Jadyn, and Amaya (Clare, Jade, and Amay). I love to hang out with my friends and party! 


Amaya's POV

Hey! I'm Amaya Paige Patterson! I'm 20 and I live in New York City with my friends! I love partying and having fun! I sing and dance!


Ashley's POV

Hey Hey Hey! I'm Ashley Rosie Rosette! I love life and my friends! I live in NYC! Always have, Always will! I love to sing and hang out. Me and my friends are currently single, so guys, hint hint! Haha, but really!

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