Lizea and Niall are back!!!! And bad things are comming. a big day is ahead but Lizea never shows up! Mick, Lizea moms old boyfrend is the first one that knows shes gone and tells Niall right away! where did Lizea go??? (Yes these is a sequal to "The Fame")


5. Why?/Niall

The police got to the church quickly and flagged off where she was last seen, till the M15 got here. (M15 is the equivalent to the  FBI)when the M15 got there they asked us questions about what she was last doing and who last saw her, which was Eleanor, Danielle, and Perry, they asked them questions, I don't know what about. Then some of the M15 people went and looked around in the room they found a note that said



          I  know you want Lizea back but you're not getting her back. For one all I wanted is to know my doter, but her stopped mom took her away from me! you might have guest, yes I'm her dad! I'm the one who is suppose to walk her down the aisle! NOT MICK! He'll pay for that



After I read it the polices that let me read it asked "Do you know who her father is?"

I answered "Lizea is dad left her and her mom when Lizea was one years old."

"What about her mom?" the polices man asked

"Her mom died in a car accent a year ago." I answered

"thanks for your help" he said then walked off.  

I keep asking myself why is these happen to me why does the love of my life go missing. We were all told to go home and stay together jest in case, but I wanted to be alone.  We all went to Zayn's house and I dispersed into Lizea's room. One by one Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn, came up to try to cheer me up but nothing worked. Now all the boys and girls that are here are up in Lizea's room watching Harry Potter on her flat screen ( a gift from Zayn) eating popcorn. I'm just laying on her bed wishing she was right beside me.         

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