Lizea and Niall are back!!!! And bad things are comming. a big day is ahead but Lizea never shows up! Mick, Lizea moms old boyfrend is the first one that knows shes gone and tells Niall right away! where did Lizea go??? (Yes these is a sequal to "The Fame")


3. The day/Niall

All the brides maids and best mans had finished walking down the aisle, next Lizea, How much I love Lizea I can't explain!  I take a deep breath and close my eyes. When I open my eyes I only saw Mike walking fast towards me. When he got to me he said in a low vose "She gone! I was standing outside the door waiting for her to come out when the last group was at the end I went in to see if she was ok, and she was gone!" I looked at him and i knew he was sonsear  "Did you look for her?" I said "Yes then I came strait hear."  Mick said still as worried as before. Now the rest of the group had come around and knew what had happened. "Someone  should call the police." Louis said "I think that's a little extreme." Zayn said  "Well seeing that there's no other way out of the room other than the door. Trust me there's a window but it has bares on it." said Eleanor  "she's right" Danielle conformed. "Call we all know she was abducted. jest call." I said as I  started to head tours the doors.              

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