Lizea and Niall are back!!!! And bad things are comming. a big day is ahead but Lizea never shows up! Mick, Lizea moms old boyfrend is the first one that knows shes gone and tells Niall right away! where did Lizea go??? (Yes these is a sequal to "The Fame")


2. The day/Lizea

The wedding came faster the I expected. I'm at a little church in Mullingar. That was Niall's one big thing about the wedding it had to be in Mullingar. I'm in the little dressing room in the back of the church, with my brides maids, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perry, Mike jest came in and asked if we were ready, I said yes. The brides maids left to get ready to go down the aisle with their boyfriends, Harry's with his sister who was are ready. "I'm alone." I side. I turned around to leave, and everything went black. 

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