Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


10. Nothing special

<Seranity's POV>


I ran out of the bar. I ran as fast as I can until something pulled me back.

"Seranity listen to me!" Jc shouted still gripping on to my hand

"Let me go" I said trying to break free

"No listen to me.. I was..I was just.." I cut him off

"You don't have to tell me what happened. We're just friends right?? It's not like we're something special. Now let me go" I told him trying to sound calm as I can.

"Nothing special...?" He asked letting my hand go

"Alright from now on we are nothing. Not friends, nothing special. We are nothing at all now." He said walking away


I turned away and walked away. The rain hadn't stopped yet. I just kept walking when the rain stopped. I looked up and saw a umbrella hovering above me. I look behind. 


"Yeah hi Seranity why are you walking in the ra-" He saw my face and frowned

"Who made you cry?"He asks wiping the tears away from my face.

"I-I hurt his feelings..I shouldn't have said that..I-I was too mad and I just"I said tears rolling out of my eyes

"It's fine..It's alright Seranity" He said pulling me towards him

I cried in his arms until no more tears came out.

"I'm sorry Jared... don't ask me about anything please" I pleaded

"Alright. Let me take you home" He said

We headed towards my house


<Jc's POV>

She's right we're nothing special.. I didn't have the right to be mad at her for being with that guy in the first place. I was an idiot....


Next day

<Seranity's POV>

I try to get up from my bed, but I wasn't able to. I sat there as the world started spinning around me. I shut my eyes because I started to get dizzy watching the world sping around.


"Mom.." I barely manage to say.


"Mom I think I'm sick, I can't get up..." I say once more but I get no reply.Then, I remember what my mom had told me last night. She said she is going out early and is coming back tomorrow night because of a business trip.


"ugh" I cough out in pain. I grabbed my phone and dialed Jc's number and I relized what had happened yesterday, so I put the phone down and sighed as a drop of tear rolled down my face.


<Jc's POV>

I walk down the hallway looking around just in case I "accidently" run in to Serenity, but I don't see her once during the whole day.


"Is she trying to stay away from me?" I murmer to myself in dissapointment. I look up as something strikes me in the face.

"You son of a bitch!" I hear someone shout. I look up getting ready to puch that asshole back.

"What the fuck?" I shout as I see that it was that Jarod that puched me.

"You asshole you don't even know what you are making Seranity go through! She didn't even come to school today!" He shouts at me shutting me up.

"What?! Why do you look so shocked? You didn't know that? No, you did know that Seranity is just going to keep all the problems to herself trying so hard to solve them aching by herself while you fucking sit back and stay dissapointed complaining about your life!" He shouts at me and turns away.




A/N I'm sorry that I'm always updatin super late I don't even know how long it has been sorry :'( ~ Cathy










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