Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


4. Hey Pumkine pie!

Seranity's POV 

confusion. That's all I fell right now. Why was Jc yelling at that bitch? Well it makes sense. She probably tried to hook up with him. Ha, like that's going to happen! I have to see what's up with him. I raise my hand and wait patiently for Mrs.Petterson to answer me. She finally looks up from her desk.


"Yes Serenaty?" She says sounding tad annoyed.


"May I go to the bathroom?" 


"Go. Just don't skip the rest of the block (or period. My school calls it block. I think I said this before... :/)." I nod and walk out of class. OKay time to find Jc.


I run down the hall looking everywhere. Where would he go. I just remember.


My phone.


Jc and I were the kind of people who broke rules. Running in the hallways, taking our cellphones to class. I consider ourselves more of a reble though.


I text him 


'where r u?'


'bathroom. go 2 the 1 by the library'


'K i'm on my way'


I run down the hall to see the library. I really don't care if it's the guy's bathroom. It's not like anyone is in there. I walk in.


"Jc?" I call. He comes out of the stall(idk if there is stalls in the guys bathroom:/). He looks really tense. I give him that 'why you so mad?' look and open my arms. He accepts my hug.


"What happened?" I ask. His answer comes out muffled but I could make it out.


"Dako-no-Dakotè-no. Whatever her name is it was her." I sigh.


"You mean Dakota. What did she do this time?"


"She called you mute. I don't get it why she's so mean to you. You never did anything to you though." He explains. Anger boils in my blood.


"When will this damn day end?!" I say, sliding down the wall. He does the same.


"I know right! I wish we could ditch but.....Yeah....How many blocks left?" I ask in a whiny voice.


"Two. This block just finished. Let's head back we have Home -Ec!" I say happily as I here the bell.


"To home-ec!" He says in a battle cry voice. We head back to class but enter at different times so we didn't make it obvious we met up that block. I went first. I grabbed my stuff as Jc entered. He did the same as we walked out at the same time. I'm so glad Mrs.Petterson wasn't there. We walk Ms.Welch's class. We're starting a new section of home ec today. Last section was cooking. Now we're sewing! As the last few kids arrive, Ms.Welch starts to talk.


"Okay class, as you know, we're starting sewing today. For the rest of the Home-Ec, we're going to make stuffed animals. The templete you can choose from are," she takes a breathe and grabs the templetes, "An alligator, amonkey, a teddy bear holding a heart, an elephant, a piggie!, a koala, a dog, a swan, a whale (My bff Rachel made a whale (; ) ,And a kitty, your choice." Shesays. Oh god that's a lot of choice! Those elephants are cute. I got my answer. I raise my hand.


"Yes Serenaty?"


"I'm going to do an elephant. Can I have a tracer?." She nods and passes it. I grab a soft green fabric and pin the tracer down. I start cutting two elephant shapes out. Once I am done, I put the tracer back and grab black buttons. I stitch them on and start sewing around the edges. I leave a little room for Ms.Welch to fill it with stuffings. After she fills the stuffie, I then finish sewing the edge. I'm done. It looks faboulous! I look around to see everyone still stitching, cutting, or tracing. I show Ms. Welch.


"It's beautiful Serenaty! Do you mind if I show the class?"


"Go ahead." She claps her hands to get their attention.


"Students, I think we have a sewing wizard in our class. Ms.Serenaty's animal is what you want yours to look like. The perfect stitching and sewing," you should've seen Dakota's face! She was literally red. She was so angry! Heh. The bell rings indicating class is over. Everyone stgarts to pack up, "Class dismissed! hereyou go Serenaty." She says passing me the elephant. I grab my things and pack up. I catch up to Jc as we walk to our final class; math.


"Hello, Ms.Sewingwizard. I see your elephant is happy" He says. I roll my eyes.


"And hello Mr.I suck at sewing"


"Hey!" He says in a whiny tone, "Im not that bad!" I laugh and shake my head as a hint of a sarcasm "sure"


Math class was boaring as usual. We had a pop quiz. It's really predictable 'cause we always have one. Like everyday. Ugh! Stupid math! screw you! Whoever invented math is going to die probavly he or she died already so....there just gonna die again.




I run to the regular spot. Jc and I always sit at the back little booth. Jc is already sitting there.


"Hey there pumpkin pie!" He says.


"What? What the heck?" I say turning red


"I don't know nickname?" He says as he chuckles a little


"Sure Jc sure" I say as i sit down.

Then the waitress came.


"Hello, welcome to Griffin's' how may i help you two?" She must be new. usually the older lady just brings us what we usually order.


"Ill have hot fudge sandae plaese" I say


"A banana split please" Jc says


"Okay your food will be out shortly" She says and smiles.


When the food arrived I noticed a little piece of paper on Jc's tray.


"What's that?" I say with a mouthful of saundae. He shrugs and grabs it.


"It's the waitresses number" He says then rips it up. No more questions to ask.......


After we eat, we, more like Jc, pays. We walk back to our houses. Once we got to my house, Jc walks up to my porch. I have one of thoes farmer houses you can see in movies.


"See you tommorow Seranaty." He says engulfing me in a hug. i chuckle.


"See you tommorow Jc" He releases me, smiles and walks away as I enter my home. I walk up to my little bedroom. I change in to some pj's and climbed in to bed, thinking about today's events. My whole family knows about Jc and says we should be a couple. But we're just friends.



Just friends











A/S so how do you like it? I made this chappie longer to beat Cathy at having a ong chappie. Lol GG Cathy! JKJK Sorry for the wait though as I said before. Making it long :)



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