Bestfriend (Jc caylen fanfiction)

Jc and Seranity is bestfriends. The story starts when they're in highschool and they start making videos together.


2. Bullies, Friends, and PIZZA!!!

A/N hey guys Cass here. last chapter, Cathy wrote it and now it's my turn! Plus the POVs will change a lot. Like Cathy does all of the Jc POVs and I do all the Seraniaty POVs. Okay now that's done with, enjoy!


Serenaty's POV:


Jc and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. He will always be my best firend, Nothing will ever come in between us. Without him I would probably be stuck as my old self. Quiet Sereanity. The nobody. The girl who sits alone at during lunch. The girl who doesn't talk. The girl everyone thinks is mute. Jc broke me out of my shell. I'm now a confident Serenaty. The girl who actually talks. The girl who actually has a voice. The girl who can just be herself without being judged. All thanks to Jc...


"Boo!" someone says behind me. I literally almost has a heart-attack. The masculine voice started to chuckle. I can just tell it was Jc. Well guess what. It's revenge time Hehe...


"Jc!" I say pretending to be angry. You should've seen the look on his face. Priceless!


"I-I'm sorry, I-I just" I cut him off.


"Payback Jc." I say before running to class with my stuff.


I place my ||stuff down and sit in mhy seat. Oh science, How are you so boaring. A girl sits next to me and flashes one of the mest fake smiles you will never see. Dakota(that's a real girl I know. She did the exact same thing. She smiled, waved then rolled her eyes. That lil butterfly.)


"Hey guys isn't this mute girl. I see you stoped wearing does embarrassing pigtails." Pigtails. Jc loved does pigtails. I loved them too. Why does she have to be such a jerk!


"What's your problem, Forester?" I reply with so much hate. She scowls and continiues.


"Your my problem. You relise Jc's mine right? You shouldn't even hang out with him. We all know you're using him." Using him? what is wrong with her!? Why would I use Jc!? To my luck the teachers walk in.


"Good morning class, today we will be exploring chemistery. Now find a partner. Choose wisely because your partner for the rest of the year." He says with a boring teacher accent.I look around to see if anyone didn't have a partner. Somebody tapped me on my shoulder. I turn around to see a boy. A really tall boy.


"Do you have a partner?" He asks me. I just shake my head. He smiles. "Do you want to be me to be your partner?"


"Uh...sure." I say and give him a smile. Dakota notices and just snots away. She is so jelly(sorry just had to write that(; )

'Cause I got myself a cute lab partner. Did I just say that...Oh god...


After science, it was lunch. I go to the cafeteria and wait my turn to grab my food. I grab two slices of pizza (They sell it at my school! So yummy!) and a cookie. I walk over to the table Jc and i usually sit at. Everyone calls it the deseased table since I sat there when I was mute. Yeah we have one of thoes school that go from grade one to twelve. It's a pretty big school. 


I notice two fingers snapping infront of my face. I turn my face to see a grinning Jc.


"Why so happy today myfriend?" I say laughing.


"No reason. Hey you want to go to the griffin's after schoo?" said Jc still grinning.


"Yeah sure" Griffin is an ice cream parler. That's where Jc and I usuall y hang out. 


After we finished our lunch, we headed to our classes.


(A/N) WOOHOOO!! Wrote that in one hour! yeah! so you like?



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