I Thought You Said Forever *Harry Styles Fan Fiction*

This is the story about how Tori found Harry and slowly lost him.


5. Forever Means Forever(Present Day)

*Tori's Point of View*
I layed in bed thinking. I can't believe Harry showed up to my game. I thought he was over me. I mean, I certainly was not over him. My brothers friend was a cover up. Harry promised me forever. Those were the last words he ever said to me. Getting over Harry is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I need Harry. He's the only person that can really make me happy. Before I knew what I was doing I was dialing the all to familiar number and his voice was answering. "Hello?" He answered. "Hey, so uh, can we meet up?" I asked nervously. There was a long silence before he finally answered "I've only got about an hour before sound check but, we can get fro yo real quick." He said. I smiled "Sure, meet you in ten?" I asked. He said yep then hung up. I happily danced to my closet and changed out of my soccer uniform and threw on one of the t shirts Harry bought me and a pair of skinny jeans. As I walked out the door I pulled on some uggs. I drove basically speeding to the fro yo shop. Harry was already there when I pulled in. I jogged in and waved when Harry looked over to me. He smiled and we kinda awkwardly hugged. Harry had already ordered my yogurt so when we sat down we both started to eat. "So, why did you call me here?" Harry asked me. I swallowed and opened my mouth to talk "Remember the last time we were together? The last words you said to me were -" "I promise, no matter what happens, I'll be here. Forever." Harry finished my sentence. "Yeah I remember."
"Well what happened? Why did you leave?" 
"Look it's complicated." 
"No it's really not Harry. You promised me forever. I was 16! Do you realize how hard it was for me?" I was now raising my voice.
"Do you think it was easy for me? To just leave everything behind me?" He was yelling as well. One of the employees came over to our table "Imsorry you're disturbing some of the customers. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." She said before walking away. Me and Harry stood up and marched out of the place. "Look, Tori.-" "No," I started interrupting him. " you put me through hell! I thought I did something wrong!" I yelled. He looked at me. "Oh of course you did, because everything is always about you.! Our whole relationship was about you! We were never Harry and Tori. We were TORI and that other kid!" He yelled back at me. I was now feeling tears sting my eyes. "Oh yeah right! You were always the better one! Everyone was friends with me because of you. If anything we were Harry and that one girl!" I yelled. "God! Why did we ever date? Our whole relationship was a mistake. Just delete my number okay?" He yelled. Now I was crying. "You really think we were a mistake?" I asked quietly. He didnt say anything. "Fine, whatever. Have fun with your life. I hate you Harry Styles!" I yelled before throwing my phone at him and getting in my car.   As I drove away I saw Harry pick up my phone, look at the screen then throw it hardly at the ground. Halfway home I had to stop and pull over to sob. My body was racking with sobs. I heard something tap my window. I looked up to see Gemma which made me cry harder. I unlocked the door and she climbed in. "Tori? What's happened?" She asked hugging me. I shook as she hugged me. She kept making 'sh' noises to calm me down and telling me it would be okay. 
It took about 20 minutes before I was calm enough to start explaining it to her. That's one thing I loved about Gemma, she's a great listener . After I explained the whole story she looked seriously pissed off. "He's so stupid! The whole time you guys dated he never stopped talking about you. You obviously weren't a mistake." She said. "Look, you're beautiful. The only mistake he made with you was letting you go." She said slightly quieter. I nodded "Thanks Gemma. You're the best." I said. "No problem, anyway, I gotta get going. See you later babe." She said before getting out. I started my car and drove back to my house. When I walked to my front door I saw a box and a note taped to it. I picked it up and saw another note taped to my door. I pulled it off and opened the door. I flopped down on my couch and opened the note that was on my door. There was a picture of all the boys in One Direction I smiled and read it "Hey Tori! We miss you! Come on tour with us? Pleeeeeeaseee?" I smiled and nodded. I went to pull out my phone then remembered I threw it at Harry. I groaned and picked up the box. It had "To Tori," written in fancy letters on the front. I opened it and saw a phone in it. It was exactly like mine but brand new. There was a note that said press play on the first recording. I picked it up and pressed play "Is this recording, yeah? Okay, look Tori. It's me Harry. Here's a new phone to replace the phone you threw at me. I'm sorry I said we were a mistake. We weren't. You were the best thing that happened to me. The single best moment in my life was our first kiss, remember when I invited you to meet my parents. Anyway, I'm here asking for a second chance. I need it. I miss you more than anything. I love you more than anything. I need you Tori Valentine. Say I can have another chance, just friends. Okay, I'll go now. Oh and the phone has all of One Direction's numbers programmed in along with Gemma and my mom's. and of course, me on speed dial. I promised forever and that's what I'm gonna give you. Goodbye." Then it ended. I was in tears by the end. I dialed Harry's number and waited for him to answer. It went to voicemail. I waited for the beep. "Yes." I said after it beeped then I hung up.
Maybe I will get my happily ever after. Or at least, my forever.


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