Another Dramione story

This is another Dramione story you potterheads, or soon to be. Well this is my first time writing a movella and I hope you guys like it!


1. Familiar

We were both young
When I first saw you

I close my eyes
And the flashback starts

I was 12, the summer before 2nd Year at Hogwarts, and I was bored. My mum and I were going grocery shopping for dinner. We had stepped not two feet in the store before Mum had seen a friend that she hadn't seen in a long time. They hugged and started talking and has not stopped for five minutes now. I was getting impatient. I walked over to my mum and asked for the list.

I was off to find the stuff. The first thing was pasta sauce. Easy. Meatballs? Check. Pasta? Too high... I jumped and stretched but I still couldn't reach it. All of a sudden I saw a very pale hand reach up and grab it. "Is this what you wanted?" You had asked. "Thank you." I said stiffly and turned on my heel to leave the isle. Lucky for me, you didn't follow. There was something familiar about you though...I didn't think much of it.

Mum and her friend were finally done talking but she had asked us to come over for dinner that night. Of course, my mum said yes. It was formal so I had to wear a dress. Lucky for me!

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