Together Forever

Jessica is 17 years old. She lives in L.A. with her parents and brother. She has a bestfriend names Tess. Jessica is an actress. ooops. i guess I forgot to mention that her boyfriend is Justin Bieber. Welll. Her life is normal.. until everything takes a turn for the worse. Read to find out what else happens.


2. Acting weird.

Nobody's POV: 

Jessica was acting weird lately. She was usually with friends and out. Not for the past couple of days. She would only come out for Justin. 

Jessica's POV: 

I was sitting in my room, just listening to music, texting Justin, the usual, until I heard my mom knock on my opened door. I turned around and looked at her. " hun, are you okay?!" she asked camly, but something triggered in me to get all mad. "yes mom! just go!" "Fine Jessica." "Bye" and she left.

Nobody's POV: 

That is Jessica's relationship with her mom right there. Jessica's mom has a drinking problem. They family hates her while she is drunk. She is rude. But, when she is sober, everyone is perfectly fine with her. 

Jessica's POV: 

I was sitting in my room, My brother was at his friends house, My dad was working late and of course, my mom was our partying. I was laying down, waiting for justin when i heard the front door open. I walked down the stairs, and my mom was completely drunk. She saw me and tried hugging me. "Get off of me" "Why?! I can't hug my own daughter?!" "Not when your drunk!" "Seriously Jessica?! you are worthless! you don't do anything! Im nothing but nice to you!" at that moment she started throwing things all around me. Usually it didn't get so bad, so I stopped it. But, that made everything alot worse. She threw something at me and it hit my leg, but it wasnt very painful. Lucky enough Justin walked through the door.

Justin's POV: 

I was walking up the front steps of Jessica's house when I heard screaming. I walked through the door and Jessica was on the ground and her mom was everywhere throwing stuff. I ran over to Jessica. "babe, are you okay?!" "Im fine, lets just go!" They ran outside to the car. 


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