Together Forever

Jessica is 17 years old. She lives in L.A. with her parents and brother. She has a bestfriend names Tess. Jessica is an actress. ooops. i guess I forgot to mention that her boyfriend is Justin Bieber. Welll. Her life is normal.. until everything takes a turn for the worse. Read to find out what else happens.


1. getting to know her.

Jessica Marie. A 17 year old living in California. She lives with her brother, Jaren, her mom, Shellie, and dad Paul. They live is a "mansion" type of house. But, its only cause her parents make alot of money from working in the bigger businesses. 

Jessica has been told several times that she is the favorite in the family, but instead she gets the less attention. Too make up for not giving much attention, Jessica get whatever she wants. 

Jessica is always hanging out with her friends and boyfriend. His name is Justin. He is 17. Im guessing your thinking of Justin Bieber? well. you guessed it. 

Jessica has stared in many big movies. Thats how Justin and Jessica met. They both went to the Award show and Justin instantly liked her. 

A year after being friend and just liking each other. Justin officially asked Jessica out on the first day of the Believe tour. Now because they are together the paparazzi wont leave them alone at all.

Jessica started out on Sonny with a Chance, But slowly became more and more popular. Thats where she met Tess. They go everywhere together. Justin hates Tess, but nobody knows why. Jessica always wonders, but never asks. Jessica's acting career took off when many directors found out she was Bieber's girl. Jessica hates paparazzi following her, but Justin always tell her that they would never touch her. 

Jessica knew Justin was the one she wanted to marry, but she was only 17. Too young she always told herself. 


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